• 2017 Hackaday Prize!!!

    03/29/2017 at 16:35 1 comment

    Hey folks! So for this year I decided to enter battery of projects into the Hackaday Prize! The reason for this is to motivate myself into finishing some of m partially completed or near completed projects. Some projects in this list are started, some blank, but most either partial or near complete. I will be prioritizing the projects that have the most likes, since part of open source is to give back to the community, it doesn't make sense for me to finish projects that don't have maximum benefit to the community etc.

    In addition to the battery of projects I entered in the first week, I will be working on one main bigger project with my frequencent HaD.io collaborator Shane Kirkbride. We are still in the brainstorming phase as of yet, we want to do something bigger and more out of the box but also achievable. HydroPWNics was a hard project to complete in the time of the competition so the next year we scaled back with the SunLeaf and had a lot more success at building a functional device as well as completing competition requirements. We are hoping to have similar success and a similar project scope as SunLeaf but hopefully a much more original and exciting idea!

    I am very excited for the upcoming competition season and I am eager to see what everyone is going to build as well as what everyone thinks of my contributions. Anyways here are the projecsts I am entering this year!











    Happy Hacking and good luck to everyone !!!!!!

  • Muh Twitter

    01/01/2017 at 17:59 0 comments

    Hey folks! Happy New Year!!! So if you like following my projects, I tend to post them to twitter before I post them here, so feel free to follow me there if you want to.


  • Arduino UNO WiFi Developer Edition Unboxing

    06/09/2016 at 03:13 0 comments

    So back in December, Arduino SRL (the ones from Italy (Arduino.org)) held a christmas contest. The contest was to design something Arduino based, I entered a prototype 3D printer controller I designed around the DUE. I did not win the competition but for my participation I was awarded an UNO WiFi board and a "Developer Edition" one at that. I thought I'd snap some unboxing pictures and share them here, in the future I will post a page with my thoughts on the board after I play with it more. So Here we go

    Charming congratulatory letter

    Developer Edition, complete with fancy packaging sticker, like a true nerd I preserved this sticker by opening the other side of the box, hey its not often you get something special like this.

    Unboxed! The big surprise was the included case/holder for the board itself. I think its a wonderful addition to be included, and I really hope Arduino.cc takes note and comes out with a similar included case. Also the manufacturing quality of the board is superb, its amazingly clean!

    Side labels printed on the headers themselves, no janky stickers that peel off and get lost.

    Closer shot of the board itself.

    Bottom view of the case, its got mounting holes, ventilation, and holes for screws to go through the case, the board, and any shields you may have.

    Good impression so far, I'll see how well it works, I really wanna give the new IDE and software from Arduino.org a try. I have to say the highlight of this kit over the others I have gotten in the pas was the nice acrylic case. this is something all makers of dev boards should spring for, its simple and cheap injection molded plastic and goes a long way in my book. anyways hope people enjoy this unboxing.