• Top 20 Hackaday Prize 2020!!

    07/07/2020 at 01:02 0 comments

    Hey folks!!! today is the last day to vote for projects for the top 20 in the hackaday prize! I entered the competition a bit later than everyone else, since I wanted to go in with an idea/project that I felt passionate about enough to work on all the way through. 

    That project ended up being my Agricoltura IO system which is the sequel project/culmination of all myh previous projects in the open source agriculture and sensing category. I will be reusing the NFT grow system that I built for HydroPWNics with new control and sensing hardware based on the SunLeaf platform, all redesigned from the ground up using what I've learned in the last 4 years to avoid prior mistakes and have more success. 

    I am asking for the support of the community to please go to the project page and like the project, so I can make the top 20!


    Thanks for all your support over these years!!! This one is bound to be the biggest one yet!!

  • NANO-QM871-i1-i5 x86 Single Board Computer

    01/23/2019 at 19:32 7 comments

    So I have a pile of these NANO-QM871-i1-i5 single board x86 PCs. They have about 8GB of RAM a dual core i5 and all the standard connectivity + more, its rated for industrial temps and conditions. The fun thing about these is the documentation is terrible, its not very clear where the poweron pins are located so anyways posting it here to see if anyone has any experience with these, I have quite a few and I want to get some of them powered on. My plan is to put a few in a box running Ubuntu/Bitwig to host software synths so I can embed and integrate them with my hardware synth setup.

  • 2018 Hackaday Prize!!

    04/04/2018 at 14:54 1 comment

    Hey folks got a few projects in the running for the prize this year!!

    Freedom Run - Robotics Motion Controller


    StepDC - Replace your stepper motors with DC motors and or servos


    OmniMic - Give your Robot the ability to sense sound and the direction from which it came


    Vento - ESP32 + STM32 IoT board I need to finish this so I'm entering it again


    Aria - ESP8285 + STM32 IoT board I need to finish this so I'm entering it again


    RepRap-XY-i2 - I need to finish this so I'm entering it again


    please give my projects a like !!! and if you got any you are entering comment them below!!!