• Muh Twitter

    01/01/2017 at 17:59 0 comments

    Hey folks! Happy New Year!!! So if you like following my projects, I tend to post them to twitter before I post them here, so feel free to follow me there if you want to.


  • Arduino UNO WiFi Developer Edition Unboxing

    06/09/2016 at 03:13 0 comments

    So back in December, Arduino SRL (the ones from Italy (Arduino.org)) held a christmas contest. The contest was to design something Arduino based, I entered a prototype 3D printer controller I designed around the DUE. I did not win the competition but for my participation I was awarded an UNO WiFi board and a "Developer Edition" one at that. I thought I'd snap some unboxing pictures and share them here, in the future I will post a page with my thoughts on the board after I play with it more. So Here we go

    Charming congratulatory letter

    Developer Edition, complete with fancy packaging sticker, like a true nerd I preserved this sticker by opening the other side of the box, hey its not often you get something special like this.

    Unboxed! The big surprise was the included case/holder for the board itself. I think its a wonderful addition to be included, and I really hope Arduino.cc takes note and comes out with a similar included case. Also the manufacturing quality of the board is superb, its amazingly clean!

    Side labels printed on the headers themselves, no janky stickers that peel off and get lost.

    Closer shot of the board itself.

    Bottom view of the case, its got mounting holes, ventilation, and holes for screws to go through the case, the board, and any shields you may have.

    Good impression so far, I'll see how well it works, I really wanna give the new IDE and software from Arduino.org a try. I have to say the highlight of this kit over the others I have gotten in the pas was the nice acrylic case. this is something all makers of dev boards should spring for, its simple and cheap injection molded plastic and goes a long way in my book. anyways hope people enjoy this unboxing.

  • Any Music Fans out there? Bands I've Seen Live

    05/15/2016 at 00:05 6 comments

    Ever since I started going to concerts I started keeping a pretty complete list of all the band's I've seen live so here it is.

    Not The Beatles (Beatles Tribute Group)

    Brendan Benson

    The White Stripes (x2)

    Zappa Plays Zappa

    Dr. Dog (x2)

    The Raconteurs (x2)

    The Who

    Die Die Die

    Wolfmother (Original Lineup 2007)


    Big Business

    Dan Sartain

    Elvis Perkins

    Explosions In The Sky

    Smashing Pumpkins (x2)

    Coheed and Cambria

    Fall Of Troy


    Bongo Poets

    Wishbone Ash (x2)

    Streetlight Manifesto (x2)


    Dan Potthast

    The Black Lips

    Alice Cooper

    Wednesday 13

    Peeping Tom

    Fall on Your Sword

    Local H

    Electric Six




    Tip the Van

    Reel Big Fish

    Stop is the New Go (they sucked)


    Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer

    Motion City Soundtrack

    4 Year Strong

    Screaming Females (x4)

    The Dead Weather

    Mini Mansions

    Them Crooked Vultures

    Ben Pegg

    Natalie Gelman

    Trace Bundy

    Among Criminals

    On the Surface

    Ever So Klever

    3 Pill Morning

    My Dear Disco

    We Know Jackson


    Loomis and the Lust

    April Smith and the Great Picture Show

    Sparks to the Rescue


    Arctic Monkeys (3x)

    Leo Blais

    Muy Cansado

    The Lights Out

    The Jackson Weatherbee Band

    Marcy Playground

    Crash Kings

    The Gin Blossoms

    Collective Soul


    The Press

    Sidewalk Driver


    Sleeper Agent

    Company of Thieves (x2)


    The Sword

    KYUSS 2011 Reunion Tour before the courts shut them down

    Hands over Stereo


    Into It Over It


    Young Volcanos


    Shovels & Rope

    Jack White & The Peacocks 1st Solo Tour 2012


    Black Wine

    The Young Leaves

    ACLU Benefit

    Secret Lover

    Math The Band

    The Kills

    Queens of The Stone Age

    Deer Hunter


    Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase Tour 2015


    The Subways



    Genevieve Schatz