Warema WMS Stick (USB) to wireless gateway

Transforming the WMS Stick to a wireless gateway to be used in home assistant

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This is a future planned project, more info will follow.

I have some Warema products to control shutters/sun-blinds. Right now I can only use a handheld remote but want to be able to control it via Home Assistant.
Someone wrote an integration for HA for it, but that project seems dead and also is range limited. The WMS Stick needs to be inserted into the HA hosting device (which is in my rack server).

I am planning to hook into that FTDI FT232RQ (USB to UART) chip and do some sniffing and digging. Goal is (for now) to then just add some sort of microcontroller like an ESP## and being able to use the WMS Stick without a PC via WiFi.

Currently I'm pretty busy over the next weeks with moving.
Around mid August I planned to start rolling with this project.

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mylan78 wrote 07/05/2023 at 21:29 point

I'm working on more or less the same thing right now. I have WMS stick connected to an ESP32 through an USB to UART adapter. It seems like I know everything necessary, but it won't work.

I know how to work the WMS stick when connected to my PC and using a terminal software. However, connected to the ESP it won't react to my commands or at least I can't read them.

I'm a little desperate, because when I connect the USB side of the USB-UART adapter to my PC and use the terminal program, and set it to 125000 baud as required for a WMS stick, I then do receive the commands from the ESP32, as it seems in a perfect manner, and if I send an answer it is correctly received by the ESP32. The same way I can directly connect the WMS stick to the PC and send commands and I see the answers at 125000 baud. But the WMS stick connected to the ESP through the adapter seems just dead...

So I hope that you are successful or that you have any suggestion what my mistake could be.

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