Each DAP is targeted for a specific context, with actions displayed on the device monitor that are easy, reproducible, and common for the given context.

A kitchen DAP may have items such as "clean kitchen, meal plan, take vitamins, etc"

A work DAP may have items such as "check email, review project list, check in with manager"

These DAPs are designed to act as sticky notes and reminders for those with ADHD to guide them through their daily tasks and help drive action where before there was little to none, or there was great inconsistency in behavior for task completion. 

The breakthrough for me, as someone with ADHD, is the digital aspect of the DAP, and the game-like nature of it: it cycles through the 'quests' I have to complete every single day. It can be customized, but currently is designed to capture all the most common and repeating activities that I need to complete each and every day.

It is my executive command center, and helps orient, organize and direct my mind to the things in each environment that I may otherwise neglect or fail to attend to.