Arduino Due Thermostat

Smart, wifi capable thermostat that can be remotely accessed through the internet to record data and adjust setpoints.

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This is my first Arduino project other than blink. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Arduino Due used to produce a graphical interface, connect to Wifi, control relays which in turn controls the HVAC in my home. My house currently has a heat pump for heating and cooling as well as heating elements that are used when the temperature outside gets to low. My goal is to produce a complete assembly that ideally connects to the existing thermostat base plate to allow for quick interchange between the two should the need arise.

Completed to date:

  • 480x320 graphical interface designed
  • BME280 used to gather and report temperature and humidity data
  • arduino is programmed to keep heat and cool setpoints a minimum of 3 degrees apart
  • display goes into "sleep" mode and displays only temperature in larger font after 30 seconds
  • display wakes when screen is touched
  • display has heat and cool in progress indicators on both setpoint screen and sleep screen

Works in progress / todo:

  • clean up arduino code
  • add esp-12e? for internet connectivity
  • build database to log: setpoints, heat/cool on time, room temperature, outdoor temperature, and relative humidity
  • add powersuply to convert central air's 24vac control power to 5vdc to power arduino and relays
  • add relays for controlling central air unit
  • design, fabricate / thermostat housing
  • create android app for accessing/changing arduino setpoints and viewing room temperature / humidity

  • 1 × 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display Touch Screen
  • 1 × Arduino Due Arduino due or mega
  • 1 × BME280 temp/humidity/pressure sensor

  • setback

    dpparisot01/07/2017 at 14:26 0 comments

    Unfortunate setback, my todler pulled the arduino off the counter and broke the screen. Replacement is on its way, but will likely be a few weeks out.

  • histogram time legend

    dpparisot01/06/2017 at 13:03 0 comments

    this is my first stab at the histogram time legend, hopefully, I'll have data populated one later today

  • Temperature Histogram

    dpparisot01/06/2017 at 12:57 0 comments

    Currently adding a histogram of sorts to the sleep screen. My goals for this are to show upper and lower limits (heat and cool set points) with a current temp trending between the two over a time span of 6-8ish hours. Also, I will show the status of the system during this time, Blue bar will indicate AC running, red bar will indicate calling for heat.

    My initial thoughts were to show the current time in this display as well, but on second thought, i am going to leave this out for now. If I decide to display time, I will add a digital clock display or revisit this idea at another time.

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