FabMX - metal 3d printing for fablabs/makerspaces

The goal of Project FabMX is to design and build an affordable, open-hardware 3d printing system capable of producing metal objects.

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FabMX is an open-hardware project aiming to make metal 3D printing accessible. It uses a process that could be called "metal pellet FDM" with MIM feedstock, a mixture of metal powder and polymer. The feedstock is 3D printed into "green" parts, which are then debound and sintered to create metal objects. FabMX seeks to replicate the success of affordable plastic 3D printers by developing open-source designs for metal 3D printing, empowering small-scale manufacturers and hobbyists. The project focus is on designing a pellet extruder, finding suitable support and binder materials, and creating a low-cost sintering oven.

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