ESP32-S3 DevKit for Breadboard

A minimal ESP32-S3 dev kit that is compatible with usual breadboard, featuring dual USB Type-C ports and exposing all available GPIO pins.

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- 1000mil ultra-slim design, can be inserted into common breadboards and retains an additional column of pin headers on each side for easy peripheral connection.
- Exposes all available GPIO pins (EN, IO0, 19 and 20 for USB, 43 and 44 for UART, 35, 36, and 37 for PSRAM are not exposed).
- Dual USB Type-C ports, one for ESP32-S3 USB and one for CH340C, allowing for simultaneous debugging of USB devices and serial logs.
- All surface-mount components are 0805 for easy manual soldering (except for USB Type-C ports and transistors).
- 4 sets of 3.3V and 2 sets of 5V power supplies, eliminating the need for power and ground pins when connecting external devices.
- Supports USB automatic firmware download and burning.
- Equipped with USB-C identification resistors, supporting C-C data line power supply and debugging.

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