Spacecraft Abort Handle

A 3D-printed abort handle based on the CST-100 cockpit and suitable for KSP

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One of my ongoing projects is to build a set of immersive controls for Kerbal Space Program (on here: This included an abort control, but just as a simple push button, which was pretty dull compared to the real-life versions.

This version is a rotate-to-activate switch that uses a spring-loaded cam that gives a satisfying feel, as well as a microswitch for a tactile click.

I've set this up as a seperate project as it has a very different set of parts and assembly process


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 957.02 kB - 07/28/2023 at 07:05



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 464.54 kB - 07/28/2023 at 07:05



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 537.58 kB - 07/28/2023 at 07:05



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 355.16 kB - 07/28/2023 at 07:05



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 262.48 kB - 07/28/2023 at 07:05


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  • Prototype and Cam Mechanism

    Tobias08/08/2023 at 06:40 0 comments

    Here's a gif showing how the mechanism operates - essentially as the handle is turned the bearings run along a cam surface. The bearings are on a lever tensioned by the extension spring. The cam surface is designed so that the deflection of the lever is linear with the rotation of the handle - and so the resistance is linear. This also means that the handle rotates in both directions, and snaps back smoothly to the centre

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    Before Assembly

    Most of the assembly is covered in the video below, but there are a few things that need to be done first:

    1. Solder leads onto the microswitch
    2. Insert threaded inserts either with a soldering iron or with a press
  • 2

    This video covers all of the main steps of assembly:

    You might notice that I haven't installed all of the screws... turns out I ran out of threaded inserts

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    You'll now have a complete abort handle that acts as a simple switch. From here you can wire it up to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, computer or really anything

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