PCB Tray

3d printing-friendly tray for moving pcb's around work stations

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The tray can hold up to 10 pcb's spaced 16 mm between them. There is an additional version that 19 pcb's with a 8 mm separation. It has two handles that work as label display, and it is stackable when not in use. The slots are made for 1.6 mm PCB's.

  • The trays print with almost no support structure, except for the handles. 
  • They are stackable
  • It was designed with PLA filament in mind, but other rigid materials will surely work, too. 
  • For better structural integrity, give it thick walls when printing.

PCB tray_10 boards.step

The original tray. Space for 10 fully assembled boards with AA battery holders in place.

step - 1.41 MB - 09/13/2023 at 22:31


PCB tray_19 boards.step

Alternative version for up to 19 boards. 8 mm only between boards.

step - 1.82 MB - 09/13/2023 at 22:31


  • 1 × PCB Tray That's it!

  • Go big or go home

    Giovanni09/14/2023 at 00:11 0 comments

    Did you like the tray so much that you thought of making it in solid metal?  I am flattered, but really, no need. Here's a rendering. I just saved you $10,000 USD.

  • Memory lane

    Giovanni09/13/2023 at 23:52 0 comments

    Lately we have been working on several concurrent projects at DesignLab, and the need for a safe way of storing and moving PCBA's around became quickly apparent. Two of my main concerns were that the assembly process includes steps that require moving boards from one place to the other, and that we would not lose track of what stage each set of boards was at (first pass, second pass, QA, firmware, etc). I shopped around online for industry-grade trays and was surprised by their cost so decided to make our own. My first trays were heavy on the materials, and the new version is much lighter.  The one to the right is the old version. The new one is to the left. Same capacity, much less material.  

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Tom Nardi wrote 09/22/2023 at 04:19 point

I remember seeing a few of those earlier versions scattered around during Supercon last year. Think there's probably even a picture on my phone of a couple loaded up with badge boards being assembled.

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Giovanni wrote 09/22/2023 at 17:07 point

Exactly. The first version was specifically made for the badge, and it had an outer rim that made placing larger boards on it really awkward. Smaller boards did not fit well either because of the wide gaps :/

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