Distributed Volunteer Computing with IOT

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In today's world, millions of IoT devices, such as ESP32 sensors, are underutilized, idling away their processing capabilities while performing simple tasks. GridShell was born out of the realization that we can do more with these devices—much more. It envisions a world where these devices come together, forming a dynamic ecosystem that offers distributed computing power, storage, and serverless capabilities.

GridShell is a collaborative distributed computing system designed to harness the idle processing power of underutilized IoT devices. Many IoT devices are limited by single-use applications or idle for the majority of their lifecycle. This underutilization is wasteful in terms of both computational resources and energy consumption. GridShell addresses this issue by repurposing idle devices for distributed computing tasks, creating a collaborative network that benefits from their collective power.

Key Features (so far)

  • Distributed Computing Power: Leverage the collective computing strength of ESP32 nodes for efficient task execution.
  • Distributed Storage: All telemetry data is stored on the network nodes
  • Telemetry Data Processing: Store and process telemetry data from IoT devices, enabling deep analysis and insights.
  • Custom Script Execution: Empower users to execute custom scripts and calculations on telemetry data.
  • Real-time Visualization: Integrate with Grafana dashboards for real-time and historical data insights.
  • API and Integration: Provide HTTPS API access for seamless integration with external applications.
  • Renewable Energy Compatibility: Operate on renewable energy sources or at zero cost, promoting sustainability.
  • Zero hosting/go serverless: Use existing GridShell platform to store,read,compute and visualize data.

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