creating a Wall-e but not like the other girl

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movie props : Wall-E, starting by making it in cardboard and see where it leads us.
Creating an interactive Wall-E like robots that can move around while detecting when there is a wall in front of it. Wall-U should be able to move its arm and eyebrows in a first time.
Then might add shock sensor to make it cry if you kick it .

What we need so far : 

  • [ ] 2 DC gear Motors + L298N (wheels)
  • [ ] 2 servos 180 (2 arms)
  • [ ] ultrasound sensor
  • [ ] breadboard
  • [ ] arduino uno
  • [ ] power bank/cell/thing battery ( battery for motor AND arduino )
  • [ ] switch button
  • [ ] acceleromater 
  • [ ] Infrared IR sensor 
  • [ ] IR remote controller

    Wall-U V1 :

    • wheels
    • arms moving
    • wood box
    • detects walls and avoid them
    • open its trap manually
    • raise its arm when kicked or shakes

    Wall-U V2 :

    - remote controlled

    -ancy catterpillar tracks

    - make sounds

    Wall-UV? :

    • belly opening automatically
    • head moving
    • make it pretty
    • painted 

    quicktime - 1.89 MB - 05/30/2024 at 10:33


    quicktime - 2.10 MB - 05/30/2024 at 10:33


    Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 109.86 kB - 05/30/2024 at 10:29



    code with the remote control

    ino - 5.24 kB - 05/30/2024 at 10:00


    h - 1.13 kB - 05/30/2024 at 10:00


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    • 1 × L298N Interface and IO ICs / Peripheral Drivers and Actuators
    • 2 × DG02S48:1 Mini DC gear box
    • 1 × Arduino UNO
    • 1 × 7.5V battery
    • 2 × 180 servo motor M995FR

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    • Arm

      mariz9205/30/2024 at 10:31 0 comments

      Final touches and the arm !

    • Assembling the box and rewire

      mariz9205/29/2024 at 14:51 0 comments

      Today we reassembled the box and rewired the circuit with the new components(sound)

      the robot moves forward and senses when a wall i ahead while moving his “arms” (the servo motors for now only) and changing arm direction when titled.

      We also found a smart way to fix the box body on the tracks without using nails,glue or screws!

      We kinda sew it with a plastic string!

      ~1h later~

      We implemented the remote controller device to control WallU !


    • Sound electronics

      mariz9205/02/2024 at 10:46 0 comments

      We received the electronic part for the sound device and are trying to make the code work 


      we re made the box 20% smaller and laser cut it.


    • The electronic part working !

      mariz9204/11/2024 at 09:17 0 comments

      Today we wired every electronic again with the new wheels and everythign works again !

      we don’t have the new box yet though …. 


    • Neat wiring & gyro code working !!

      mariz9203/14/2024 at 11:22 0 comments

      Today we finished to modelise the wiring on EASYEDA and finally made the code for the gyro work as we wanted !

    • Merging code and parts

      mariz9201/12/2024 at 11:05 0 comments

      Today we merged the code of each part toguther and also the physical part !

      We started by putting the caterpillar tracks on the chassis and tested it with the motors.

      We tried to make the wire cleaner

      Biggest challenge was putting the arm in the box.

      we finished improved the code.


      it starts looking like something

    • caterpillar tracks

      mariz9201/12/2024 at 09:09 0 comments

      Today we went to Leroy merlin To bug more screws !

      We finally assembled our caterpillar tracks.


    • caterpillar tracks

      mariz9201/12/2024 at 09:09 0 comments

    • starting to look like something !

      mariz9201/12/2024 at 09:08 0 comments

      Today we assembled the caterpillar ( they got bigger uhu) but we couldn’t finish to put them toguether because we didn’t have enough screws.

      We put the wheels on the motor and made them work with the box.

      And the arms we assembled as whole !


    • Caterpillar tracks and moving arms

      mariz9201/12/2024 at 09:04 0 comments

      Today we assemble our firsts parts of caterpillar tracks and part of the wheels!

      We also made the little trap door for the box and put the head on the top of it ( the proportion are off but let’s say it’s cute !)

      We also have the mechanism of the arms working !


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    • 1
      3D models
      • 3D print the caterpillar tracks : we printed 40 pieces in total (20 for each side), 2 main wheels for the motors and 4 secondary wheels. We assembled the tracks using M4x25 screws and bolts. 

      • 3D print the arms and the mechanism that go with them. You will need one of each piece. ( more detail in the PDF concerning the arms in the files)

      • 3D print the head and eyes. Place the ultrasonic sensor in the space and add the eyes.
      • You can find the models in STL in the file.
    • 2
      The box :
      • 20X20X25 (inside)
        Chassis : 3.5 cm high 20cm large fold plastic and screw on the bottom

      • Laser cut the body and assemble it. It should click into place thanks to the finger joints. Our wood wasn't perfectly flat so we had to use a few pieces of tape to keep everything together. We also put the SVG (laser cuttable) file to your disposal. 

    • 3
      The code
      • Upload the code into an Arduino board (we used a Uno). Plug in the components. To plus everything, you can follow the image of the wiring we posted.

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