Electronic small bassflute - dynamic system

Self-playing electronic small bassflute or playable for musicians and non-musicians. A dynamic system.

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Play with the small electronic bass flute

In many ways it works differently than a the large electronic bass flute.

There is a device attached to the flute head that allows a fan to blow air onto the cutting edge via a hose so that a sound can be produced in the flute tube. The fan is PWM controlled and therefore enables different air flows and pitches. This is where the pure overtones of the flute emerge.

On the one hand, the small red microphone can record the sound of the electronic flute. Various algorithms then cause the microcomputer to move the outer tube and thus change the overall length of the flute. This creates a system that relates to itself; it is a dynamic system that is set in motion.

On the other hand, a flute violin or, as in Berlin, a player with batons can also play into the small red microphone and trigger the electronic bass flute.

This flute has also been played several times at festivals - Dortmund, Darmstadt, Frankfurt.

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