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Holzgerlingen, Stuttgart Area, Germany
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Things I've Built

Pacman Lamp

I hat a leftover 16 mm MDF plate, my wife wanted some extra lighting and did not explicitly state that the lamp should NOT look like Pacman. So I grabbed my router, my bandsaw an LED stripe, yellow spray paint and built this.

Solar Eclipse viewer

I did not prepare for watching the 2015 partial solar eclipse in Germany. As the weather turned out to be great, I invested a few minutes and whipped up a projection viewer based on a box, two cardboard tubes and perforated aluminium foil

Reverse Geocache Box

A wooden box containing the wedding present for my brother-in-law. It can be turned on, stays on for a given time and displays the distance to four waypoints which have to be visited before a hobby-servo opens the lock.

Sacher Cake Box Alarm Clock

After the nice wooden box containing a small delicious and famous Sacher cake was empty, I filled it with an Arduino Clone, a DFrobotics SPI-Display and a 1 Euro RTC module from China. Plays the Imperial March or the Indiana Jones theme as alarm

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