Racing game

Using Alternative Controllers to control a racing game.

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Controlling a racing game using a micro-controller and bunch of sensors.

-Our alternative controllers' project is an alternate way of playing racing video games.

-We have managed to make a steering wheel and a shifter by 3-D printing components and putting them all together, resulting in a steering wheel which required a lot of calibration to finally make it work using a rotary encoder.

-Apart from the steering wheel, we have also included a gear shifter made out of an arcade joystick which behaves like an H-Shifter to make the driving experience more indulging and more life-like.

-For the acceleration, we have 3-D printed components to simulate a pedal for the car's acceleration amalgamated with a button and a spring.

-For the housing of the gear shifter, we have incised wooden pieces so as to form a gear box which accommodates our gear shifter, electric connections and an Arduino nano.

-For the braking of the vehicle, we have gone up a notch by using a sound sensor which requires you to either shout blatantly or blow into the sound sensor in order for the car to apply brakes.

-Putting all these components together, we have designed a racing simulator!

3-D print files of pedals

x-zip-compressed - 730.00 kB - 01/08/2024 at 23:17


CAD designed steering wheel holder laser cut files

x-zip-compressed - 870.00 kB - 01/08/2024 at 23:17



Code of Arduino micro to make all of the components as required.

ino - 3.28 kB - 01/08/2024 at 23:14


JPEG Image - 733.10 kB - 12/05/2023 at 15:09


Steering Wheel

3-D print files for the steering wheel.

application/x-zip-compressed - 1021.38 kB - 12/05/2023 at 15:09


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  • 1 × Arduino micro
  • 1 × Sound Sensor
  • 1 × Rotary Encoder
  • 3 × Buttons
  • 1 × Breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

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  • 1
    Connect rotatory encoder to arduino micro.

    Connect the pins of rotatory encoder to the given below digital pin input of the arduino.

    CLK = 3

    DT = 4

    SW = 2

    Positive to 5v 

    Ground to gnd

  • 2
    Connect sound sensor to arduino micro.

    Connect the pins of sound sensor to the given below analog pin input of the arduino.

    SENSOR_PIN A0 to analog pin 0 (A0).

    Positive to 5v

    Ground to gnd

  • 3
    Attach the steering wheel to the steering base.

    Use the big gear ratio to match the low gear ratio and put the rotatory encoder in the low gear ratio.

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Ruby McManis wrote 7 days ago point

Exploring alternative controllers adds a thrilling dimension to racing games, transforming the experience from mundane button presses to immersive simulations. Whether it's steering with a wheel, navigating with motion sensors, or even using voice commands, these methods inject excitement and challenge into gameplay. For those seeking a fresh perspective on racing, trying out different controllers can elevate the enjoyment and make games like Traffic Rider Alternatives even more engaging.

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mitchel wrote 03/02/2024 at 17:21 point

We've created a steering wheel, gear shifter, and accelerator pedal using 3D-printed components.
The gear shifter simulates an H-Shifter for a more immersive experience.
Braking is activated by shouting or blowing into a sound sensor.
All components are integrated into a racing simulator setup. 

Check it out Traffic Rider

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David Turner wrote 12/09/2023 at 17:11 point

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