This is my new project that serves as both a lamp, a clock, and a cyberpunk-style model, featuring four LCD screens that display the time and show the indoor environment. At night, it automatically turns on LED filament lights, and in the morning, it turns them off, synchronized with the clock."

PCB : Order PCB from PCBWAY

This is my first time designing a complex-shaped PCB with various details, and I was unsure if the PCB manufacturing facilities could handle it. I decided to try and found that PCBWay was capable of producing it. The result was very accurate; although initially, I thought I might need to adjust the board's edges, I didn't have to do so as the work turned out very well-fitted. Additionally, I received excellent advice from PCB engineers on cost reduction, adjusting the PCB panelization, and the ability to make modifications until I was satisfied with an acceptable price. Thank you, PCBWay, for making my dream a reality.

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