ESPBell-MAX and LITE Intercom / Doorbell IoT modul

No more missed doorbell rings

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No more missed doorbell rings while working with headphones! Meet ESPBell-Max and ESPBell-Lite Smart intercom and doorbell IoT modules. These devices seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant and ESPHome, providing interactive notifications 🔔 that keep you updated about visitors. And the cherry on top? You can directly open the door from the notification - simply tap "Open Door" or "Ignore" to dismiss the alert.

Two version is available ESPBell-MAX and LITE, Max is battery-powered, and LITE requires a power supply. 

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    To make the building process easier, I have provided an interactive HTML ibom file to help with component placement and polarity.

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DM wrote 12/15/2023 at 19:58 point

ESPbell is an open-source project so all files for PCB assembly and code are available on GitHub

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