The device uses two 8 bit AVR microcontrollers. One of them (Atmega16HVA) is a specialized Fuel Gauge mcu. It is used only for SoC measuring and for gathering information from on board devices. The other one (Attiny1635) is used for driving the on board devices and user interface (7-seg LCD). It takes commands from Atmgea16HVA using 1-wire interface.

The end features are not quite stated yet. Software hasnt been written yet. I aim to be abble to measure SoC at a very precise level and show it to the user. Entry level DC-DC converter is well tested by me and it is possible to get a lot of current out of it (over 2A). That means the on board cells can be charged at ~ 2A rate and whats left can be used for powering the cooling fan.

Theres also place for one white LED to use it as a flashlight.

Ill be posting updates on the project as soon as i get some progress. I will firstlly try to drive all the peripherals without any measuring just to see if everything works as I planned.

In case anyone would like to contribute or has any questions please feel free to contact me. This device is a great oportunity to learn about SoC. Most of manufacturers simply embedd a system that doesnt show the true value of juice in the Li-on cells because they only show the cell voltage.

Heres a link to a SoC resource

I also do have the Case in my locker, just didnt add the picture of it, so I have all the materials I need. Nearly all electronic components (at least the most crucial) were sampled :).