Zoe The Robot

A home made robot that can traverse outside and inside and that can converse - With a personality.

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Zoe has a custom built frame designed for outdoor terrain. Zoe also contains a custom built Chat-Bot, built with Visual Basic, MS-SQL and Nuance Speech Recognition, to which I am constantly adding a PERSONALITY, based on several TV and movie robots. WARNING ! WARNING ! Photos and videos posted here may not be in the same order that Zoe was assembled. You can see more at

I started building Zoe at the bottom and worked my way up, so the photos show the drive section. HOWEVER,  Zoe is modular and she was build in several sections. These sections are illustrated at WWW.ZoeTheRobot.Net.

Zoe's Drive section also holds her batteries. Batteries are heavy, and I wanted them mounted as low to the ground as possible. The next section up contains connections, fuses and switches for the batteries and it's called the POWER SECTION.

  • 1 × Go-Kart wheels Wheels with sprockets
  • 1 × One inch square aluminum tubeing for the drive section frame
  • 2 × BLDC Motors From "Silver Bomber Scooters" - The main drive motors
  • 1 × Motor Driver Dimension Engineering "Sabertooth" motor driver
  • 2 × Magnetic Proximetry Sensor Points at the sprocket teeth, for wheel odometry

  • Drive section / Power section

    tmaiden02/01/2024 at 06:37 0 comments

    On top of the aluminum drive section frame, sits the Power section. The Power section contains the main power switches and all of the wiring to connect the 10 cell packs. (Batteries)

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