RGB LED Panel, Basic and Bright

A quick and simple flood light panel because I was disappointed in commercial options.

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I needed an RGB LED flood light panel for an upcoming event. Searching around, I was disappointed with commercial options, unless I was prepared to pay significantly more than I was willing. This became a quick and fun project, integrating led strip, a dimmer and misc hardware I had around. It can be really rewarding to do quick little projects like this. All in, less than 20usd.

An aluminum plate forms the structure and provides some heat dissipation.

A circuit board was used as an easy way to connect things, but also simply to mount all the parts. It was quicker and more fun, so I made it by hand.

120led/m strips were used, a total of 2.5 meter for 300 on the panel.

An additional panel can by chained with a generic rj45 cable.

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