Although some Automowers support a cloud connection, the 305 specifically doesn't include internet access. The 305 has no internet, WiFi or cloud connection. This means the manufacturer can’t enforce a subscription service, the device isn’t exposed to internet wide Cyber attacks and it ended up being the cheapest option. The down side is that I couldn’t communicate with the device from my Home Assistant instance, at least at first.

Husqvarna provide an Android application which can communicate with the mower via Bluetooth. So I reverse engineered the protocol and added support in Home Assistant. That way I can use a ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy to control the mower.

The process of reverse engineering the BLE protocol is described here:

I'm not going to cover the details again here, if you are interested please check the above link. The result is an open source Python library that can control the mower.

Home Assistant support is currently being submited upstream so that this can benefit everyone: