This is a four voice analog/digital hybrid synthesizer with multiple audio parameter controlled lights. It's a wall-hanging work made with acrylic glass, freeform electronics, a 3D-printed enclosure and RGB lightpipes. The analog electronics are made using the CEM33xx-series clones from Alfa, while the digital side of things is powered by the Electrosmith Daisy Seed. The audio is an algorithmic composition which is entirely new each time sculpture is triggered by the PIR-sensor everytime someone enters the room. The analog electronics, consisting of two oscillators, a dual VCA and a -24dB per octave low pass filter, are sent control voltage from MCP4288 digital-to-analog converters, which means that the entire soundscape could be reprogrammed to do anything a four voice synthesizer could do. Beneath is a video of how it looks and sounds like, and below that, a full 21 minute long build video mapping out the entire process:

It's getting fairly late, and I hope to add more details tomorrow.