Guys Checkout my Home Automation System V_1 which I have devloped around Arduino/ENC28J60 and is quite stable. Right now I am working on V_2 which is intended to be completely Wirelesss. So about the current system is. It has following features.

1. Eneable interacting with loads via Web Interface and Android App.

2. Authenticate user to use loads by RFID.

3. Notify Calls on LCD in Bathroom.

4. Kitchen module to easily access Media centre.

5. Kodi XBMC is interaced to Automation System to have seamless access to media.

6. Voice notification by the sytem.

7. Morning alarm with weather reporting.

8. Sensor nodes to monitor the house completely ranging from Temperature to LPG Gas.

9. Android app has ineterface to log day to day activities manually like lunch, dinner etc

10. Also provides profile based automation to have a easy to use inetrface and make comfortable.


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