Laptop in an NES

A convenient way to play emulated games on a modern TV with retro flair.

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I turned another vintage hardware box into an emulator. The computer part is a from a basic HP laptop from 2016, and the shell is from a non-functioning NES. It’s running Batocera Linux off a flashdrive, with games on an SD card. And that’s pretty much it. I managed to mount the power and HDMI jacks through existing connector holes in the back, and there’s a USB hub in the cartridge slot.

It’s pretty cool so far, but I’m working on the following improvements:
- install working power light
- internally mount original laptop speakers
- connect original controller ports to USB so I can use original NES controllers
- streamline Batoceta config to showcase games that work best with a standard NES controller.

I’ll be posting those updates and more detailed pictures as I complete them.

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Matt Everts wrote 03/29/2024 at 17:14 point

Love this!

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