A few weeks ago I stumbled across MadalenaMak's project (https://github.com/Madelena/esphome-weatherman-dashboard) while I've been looking for a stylish design for my waveshare e-Ink displays for a long time. 

Based on this I created a eInk based SmartHome Display that can be used to display all kind of smart home related data. It can be used permanently powered via USB-C or battery powered (aprox. runtime thre months, depending on refresh cycles...).

To simplify the hardware setup a bit (and also expand the range of functions), I created a 3D printable insert. All the electronics, including the battery, can be housed in it. 

Thanks to DeepSleep of the SeeedStudio XIAO ESP32C3 MCU, the picture frame can run for up to three months on one battery charge and can therefore operated completely wirelessly. The data displayed is retrieved from my HomeAssitant instance.

The base of the frame insert is fixed in the screen via M2 screws that are pushed into the wood frame.
The frame is powered by the ESP32C3 MCU which can be connected with minimal soldering.
In battery operated mode this switch can be used to wakeUp and prevent deepSleep of the MCU. (Handy if you want to update the firmware.)


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