Anonymizing a Samsung Galaxy SIII (s3) mini

Using homemade objects to make a Samsung galaxy s3 mini fully anonymous. If you have any ideas, please leave them below

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after taking off the back and removing the motherboard, I took off the GPS location pad, removed the cameras, and broke the microphone. I am currently trying to root and De-Google the phone, but it is difficult, as when you break the GPS pad, you also remove some of your WIFI and internet capabilities. If you are trying to do the same thing, I would recommend changing the hardware last, and change the software first.

i got really bored, and i found an old samsung galaxy s3 mini lying around, so i decided to make it anonymous.

if you didnt get it from that last sentance, i have literally no formal training in anything to do with hardware, or hacking.

  • 1 × samsung galaxy s3 mini main project
  • 1 × knife used to remove gps pad
  • 1 × pliers used to break the microphone

  • Software Log

    abahsob04/08/2024 at 13:20 0 comments



    I need to root the phone to de-google it, which should make the software side of things fully anonymous. The problem is, I broke off the GPS pad, which happens to boost the WIFI signal on the phone, and now the WIFI signal is so bad, that I cant download any root-checker apps, or any rooter apps (like kingoapp or superSU).


    after taking a break, I did more research and found a blog post on, I will try the method stated in the post soon, but I REALLY need a break, I just cant do any more work today


    I did more work and installed the zip file, other than that, I haven't been able to do much. My family has been distracting me from the end goal



    I tried to do the xdaforums method of rooting the phone, it didn't work, I couldn't access the necessary files to install the zip file, I am going to try to find someone to help me with that.

  • Hardware Log

    abahsob04/08/2024 at 12:59 0 comments

    08/04/12024: first log

    I used a knife to remove the gps pad so that people cant track my physical location as accuratley, they can still triangulate my location using cell towers and wifi, i will try figure this out at some point. I also took out the cameras off. I used pliers to remove the microphone so that a person cant listen in on me without my permission. The only good changes i can make now are to the software, which is the only way i can think of to make the threat of cell tower triangulation non-existant.

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    1. Remove the back of the phone, along with the battery and any sim cards
    2. Unscrew the back, then remove the back
    3. remove the tape wires that lead to the sim card and the menu buttons
    4. remove the motherboard from the screen\
    5. remove the tape wire between the screen and the motherboard
    6. find the cameras (they are obvious, they look like cameras)
      1. remove the tape wires connecting the cameras to the motherboard
    7. find the microphone (it is located at the bottom of the motherboard on
      the side towards the screen, it is a golden square/rectangle looking thing with a hole in it on the top)
      1. use pliers to break the microphone
    8. go to the software instructions
    9. find the gps pad (the gps pad is a golden thing that is really thin, and has a point at the top. the gps pad is located near the top of the battery-sided motherboard)
      1. use the knife to break the gps pad off

    go back to the software instructions

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    1. install a rootchecker app
    2. install kingoroot apk at
    3. run the kingoroot apk

    you should now be root (go back to hardware instructions)

    if you arent root, follow the instructions at xda forums

    1. degoogle the phone (i would reccomend using LineageOS, i am also creating my own os named ethOS)

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abahsob wrote 04/08/2024 at 12:52 point

Please add a comment if there is anything i should change. I would love to hear your opinions.

also, if you have a better system for doing things, PLEASE do it, and PLEASE leave a comment about how you changed it, i would really like to know.

also, if you would like to be a team member, or help in any way that isnt over chat, contact me at

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