Foxie CardClock 2.0

A delightfully pixelated, programmable WiFi analog+digital clock... the size of a credit card

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This is the Foxie CardClock 2.0, a certified open-source (, ESP32C3-powered, WiFi-enabled, RTC-havin', super-capacitor havin', analog+digital, RGB LED-laden, clock. It is the successor to the CardClock 1.0 ( and is based on the Foxie Clock 2.0 (

- Feature rich firmware (
- 5-way joystick
- 3 rings of 12 LEDs which are used as an analog clock displaying Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
- A 17x11 LED matrix also displays the time digitally and allows configuration
- Light sensor for a smooth brightness experience
- Expandability (QWIIC and 8-pin expansion)
- Time can be set manually or if on WiFi, syncs NTP time every 3 hours
- Onboard RTC with super-capacitor backup, keeps time while unplugged for more than 2 days
- Onboard ESP32-C3-MINI with WiFi/BLE
- Built-in f/w updates from github

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