Use an Arduino to sync as many media players or DVD players as you want.

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Media artists often need to play multiple videos on multiple screens in loop for long time. Often they also want to play all videos synced (i.e. all of them starting at the same time). Having one device (for example a computer) playing all videos requires expensive and complicated special hardware if you have more then three videos and screens. An easier way to achieve this, is to use seperate media players and screens and to sync them using a common or special infrared remote control. That's what this project does.

  • 1 × Arduino currently testing only with Leonardo
  • 5 × IR led, 940-950nm more are better, you have a better range and less troubles finding a good place for the device
  • 1 × IR receiver 38kHz
  • 3 × 22Ω resistors Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 1 × 220Ω resistor

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