ESP8266+STM32 WiFi USB MP3 Dongle

This is a virtual WiFi USB disk for streaming MP3 files to any device with USB Port

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This Device is a combination of popular and cheap ESP8266 WiFi Module and STM32F103C8T6 Micro-Controller. The device acts as a virtual 1 GB USB Disk and connects to any device with USB Port ( PC, DVD Player, TV Box etc..). As of now i have deveoped a Windows Application to stream MP3 files to the device. Connect the device to the USB Port and start playing, the play back device sees it as a normal 1GB USB Stick but MP3 data is pulled from a remote location through WiFi link.
STM32 Module manages USB Device and ESP8266 is for WiFi, the HSPI port of ESP8266 is connected to SPI1 port (DMA Enabled) of STM32.
GPIO13 -> PA07
GPIO12 -> PA06
GPIO14 -> PA05

ESP8266 links with Remote PC using UDP. When Playback Device does a disk read 16kb of data in 16 bursts of 1KB is pulled from remote device and fed to USB read stream.

Source Code for STM32

Zip Archive - 7.40 MB - 03/05/2017 at 15:37


Windows based MP3 Server Source Code

Zip Archive - 2.88 MB - 02/10/2017 at 18:51


ESP8266 Source Code

Zip Archive - 746.50 kB - 02/10/2017 at 18:44



Connection Diagram for ESP8266 Module and STM32F103C8T6 based Board.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 288.07 kB - 02/08/2017 at 16:13


  • 1 × ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • 1 × STM32F103C8T6 mini Development Board
  • 1 × USB Data Cable

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nimaelectronics772 wrote 05/05/2024 at 12:13 point

راI need help to make a dongle with esp8266, if you know a suitable site or can guide me, I need help!

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Rimit jain wrote 01/02/2023 at 17:01 point

Superb project i want to ask with rather that music is it possible we can share entire folder or files over wifi from usb ? 

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Hanson wrote 03/08/2017 at 16:54 point

this is a good idea. i think the stm32f103c8 no more ram,if the mcu have more than 256k ram,it will be better.

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Hans Otten wrote 02/17/2017 at 07:50 point

Very nice! Any plans to publish the source of the STM32 part? 

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Amit wrote 02/12/2017 at 08:03 point

Hi, thanks for your interest, the stm32F103C8TC is a low end USB Device capaable, MCU and it's 20kb ram is used in full, so any additional functionality will need more powerfull controller and may be a new project. 

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aestradarespeto wrote 02/11/2017 at 11:14 point

Hi, I want to ask you if this project wil work in a different way. I explain myself. I want to know if this usb project will be modify to be able to let the host  read and write access to a shared Samba hard drive in a net, using its wifi connection. So a host in which this usb project will be connected, will see this project as a usb pen drive, but accessing at the shared hard drive.

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