• March 12th, 2018

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    In the past year this project has switched from a 3-D oriented to a CNC oriented project. Elon University now has a new Maker Space that has new technology that allows me to be able to utilize this space. I have made prototypes (pictures to come) that are .925 sterling silver and are a much better model than those of last year. In addition, I have switched from suede to leather for the chokers in order to make the most durable product possible. In the coming weeks I hope to create a guide that helps make the process more efficient. Additionally, I hope to get proper photographs taken of the new products in order to contribute to the new website and rebranding that will take place upon the completion of all of my prototypes. Then going forward the rest of my project will aim to focus on marketing and creating relationships and networks with others to get my name out there!

  • May 6th, 2017

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    Project Followers,

    Upon completion of the Elon Kickbox I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for our university's maker space. In addition, I been working with a local maker space in downtown Burlington by the name of Steam Junction.

    I have purchased the tumbler that I have been working towards getting for the past few months. This tumbler after use has been proven successful and has made for a better product in shining final pieces.

    Ultimately this process has been extremely helpful and will continue to be as the months progress.

    I am studying abroad this upcoming year and will not be back until November to continue in with this process. In the meantime my family is helping out to keep the business going.

    Please see the posted flyer that was utilized to showcase my work at the local Maker Fair.

    Jocelyn Pietro

    Impressions Jewelry Co.

  • April 20th, 2017

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    Project Followers,

    Thank you for following our project thus far! As we continue to work on creating the best product possible we modify the 3-D jigs as necessary. We have reprinted jigs when necessary due normal wear and tear. As pictured below these are the design of the jigs that hold both the piece being stamped and the stamp itself.

    In the past week our company has moved into a local boutique. In the week leading up to the boutique's opening my maker hub consultant worked with me to utilize a dremel to better shine the pieces that I would be selling to this customer. I am still in the process of finding a tumbler to work with, but will have purchased one by Friday.

    This week I utilized funds from the MakerHub Kickbox to help fund some of the pieces I will be making for Elon Unviersity's Relay For Life event. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the cause and I will be making pieces that have the cancer ribbon on them, that I will need to use the 3-D printed jig to properly stamp as well as free-handed pieces that include sayings such as hope, strength, etc.

    As a whole the funds and process the Elon's Makerhub has granted Impressions Jewelry Co. has helped us to improve our product, provided us with resources, and overall has helped us to grow.

    I hope you continue to follow our project as we venture on this journey to see what else is in store following the Kickbox and stay updated on what is to result later from this experience.

    Jocelyn Pietro

    CEO of Impressions Jewelry Co.

  • Selling on a College Campus

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    Project Followers,

    This past week Impressions Jewelry Co. was working with an organization called Elonthon to make FTK (For The Kids) bracelets and necklaces to raise money for Duke Children's Hospital. The $20 products donate 25% of their funds to the organization itself. This past week the products raised $30 for this cause. While this is not significant money, each dollar counts and this is only the beginning stages of this product.

    I was also approached by a local who is in the process of opening a boutique in the surrounding area. She asked me if I would be willing to sell my jewelry at her store. We have a meeting set up for next week on Thursday March 30th to discuss this further. I plan on bringing product with me to give her an idea of what this would look like.

    In the coming weeks I hope to take inventory of everything Impressions has required over the past months. Additionally, I hope to begin compiling the budget that has been spent utilizing the Maker Hub grant. In this process I will continue to contact PJ Tool and figure out what kind of tumbler they utilize for their custom metal that I utilize.

    In the posts to come look out for news about Impressions entering into a boutique as well as updated pictures of tumbled pieces.

    Thank you for keeping up to date with Utilizing 3-D Printing to Make Jewelry!

    Jocelyn Pietro

    Impressions Jewelry Co.

  • Philanthropy Progress

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    Project Followers,

    The past few weeks have been filled with lots of exciting developments. Not everything has been fun and games, but mostly hard work. I unfortunately was diagnosed with a concussion last week. This put a setback on production and put me behind with orders. This was difficult, but I contacted all customers and notified them of the situation and they were understanding.

    Also in the past few weeks my project assistant helped design a new jig for the uncentered Autism Speaks stamp. I am now able to utilize this stamp and make new products to raise money towards this philanthropy. I have also uploaded and updated the etsy website (impressionsjewelryco.etsy.com) and added more products online (see images below).

    I am now in the process of contacting Elon University to see what the stipulations of having organizations selling the products on campus and what the process will be going forward.

    I have also been in contact with the manufacturers because they have a personal jewelry maker who uses a tumbler for their alkeme metal. She said she would get back to me early next week.

    I hope to continue having these conversations and hopefully starting to sell my products on campus.

    Jocelyn Pietro

    Impressions Jewelry Co.

  • The Initial Stages

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    Project Followers,

    Over the past five and a half months Impressions Jewelry Co. has begun to build its brand. With metal stamps that were not perfectly aligned, utilizing a model of design and redesign in order to get desired outcomes was necessary.

    After a long and taxing few months, most of the 3-D printed jigs are finally able to be used and yield products that are able to be sold. The project has finally made as much as was devoted to it and hopefully will continue to grow. With many greek and philanthropic events coming up on Elon University's campus in the coming weeks we hope to continue to implement the design and redesign model as necessary.

    With the funds donated to the project and its initiatives, seven new stamps have been purchased to carry out the philanthropic aspect. Additionally, supplies necessary to build a proper photobox for quality pictures were purchased as well as materials to experiment with a new bracelet product (which was successful WAHOO)! In the coming weeks I hope to reach out to organizations who may be interested in philanthropic products and continue to grow the brand. With the remaining funds I would like to invest in a tumbler to make our products even more desirable because this would get rid of unavoidable scratches as well as put a nice finishing touch on the custom pieces.

    A timeline has been set in place and I will continue towards reaching my goal of making $500 by the end of April. A separate bank account has been put in place to keep track of funds properly. We have received our first out of state orders and are tracking where these orders are coming from.

    If you would like any further insights on this project feel free to reach out to me via email at impressions.jewelry.co@gmail.com and make sure to check out our new products as we upload them to our Etsy page in the coming week.

    Jocelyn Pietro

    CEO and Owner of Impressions Jewelry Co.