Super Pure +

Tiny Linux computer as audio sink, pure-data or SuperCollider3 environment and flexible wireless OSC controller.

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Tiny Linux computer (Edison, Raspberry Pi zero w / Compute Module, C.H.I.P., etc.) running pure-data or SuperCollider3 patches locally with wireless control via BLE (Arduino/Genuino 101) or WiFi (Smartphonw w\ TouchOSC, Processing, ESP32). Optionally functions as a audio sink and OSC controller via network. Additional MCU handles a minimal GUI (LED, Buttons, Encoders) and is connected via serial. An audio codec or ADC/DAC combo for high quality audio output. MicroSD slot for patches and samples. Optional TFT display for patching.
Goal of the final product:
Create a small device that inspires creative use in a minimal setup.
Combine open-source projects for mobile-audio user scenarios.
Allow complete control for ultimate complexity.

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