Intelligent Breathalyzer

Intelligent Breathalyzer is an alcohol sensing system that measures alcohol intake and makes forecasts of different types to an user.

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The Intelligent Breathalyzer brings a whole new face to the antique Breathalyzer used by police officers in traffic. We here propose an alcohol sensing system that measures alcohol intake and makes forecast of two types: time to get sober and time to pass out of alcohol, with the user being able to set alcohol limits to himself. The Breathalyzer displays percentage of alcohol and also sounds an alarm if the amount of alcohol exceeds a particular amount, defined by the user. Here we use an alcohol sensor circuit along with LCD display and a buzzer alarm. Our system first uses the alcohol sensor in order to detect alcohol. The data is processed by a microcontroller for further forecasts. Based on the input the microcontroller calculates the percentage of alcohol and displays the same on an LCD display. A fun way to don’t drink and drive and to party in the right way!

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