Low cost smart speaker

An orange pi zero powered smart speaker under $30

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Tried to replicate amazon echo's case and bass reflex system to get a similar audio experience without spending my whole monthly salary. It's powered by orange pi and shairport-sync library.

Shairport is reverse engineered opensource fork of the apple's airplay protocol, allows to stream high quality audio between devices with minimal latency.

here is the how it works:
  • 1 × orange pi zero
  • 1 × PAM8403 Audio ICs / Audio Amplifiers
  • 2 × 5v 2a cellphone charger
  • 2 × 3w / 4 ohm speakers (1 woofer 1 tweeter)
  • 1 × TP-LINK TL-WN727 wifi dongle replacement for internal wifi chip, read related entry

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Peter wrote 05/16/2018 at 14:27 point

Interesting. please add details how to wire and setup the orange pi. thank you.

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