The Infinity Solar Bank has the following features:

● Supports 1-6 Supercapacitors conventionally, can be hacked to support 12

supercapacitors with a bit of ingenuity.

● Charging is controlled by IDT’s ZSPM4523 Solar Supercapacitor MPPT Charger

● Boost Conversion is handled by Texas Instrument’s TPS61021A.

● Output voltage adjustable from 2.5v to 4v.

● Optional 10Ω resistor for output LED current limiting via solder jumper.

● Boost converter can be enabled continuously or only on when darkness is

detected via low charging voltage input(e.g. solar panel at night).

● Integrated voltmeter to measure current charge percentage of power bank.

● Adjustable charge termination voltage and charge current set either at

the time of purchase or by the customer via a 3 rd party USB to I2C adapter

and Windows software provided by IDT.