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- If you are looking to contribute we could use help creating the KiCAD libraries, footprints and 3D models for GR8, AXP209, and NAND flash 48TSOP.

- We are also looking for any screens under 2.8" with a resolution higher than 320x240 preferably in a 4:3 ratio.

- We could use help creating the case for 3D printing.

- Software help on porting Lakka to the CHIP SoC.

The current version is v0.2.1 which is still running off the Raspberry Pi Zero. The design was finalized right before the Zero W was announced so it was made to accommodate an optional WiFi USB Module. It includes a 2A lipo battery charger and 5V booster for the USB OTG, soft shutdown circuit, low battery alert, PWM audio and mono speaker amp, SPI GPIO expander for buttons.

The immediate goal is to get a version of the GameGirl that uses the C.H.I.P $9 computer. Initial schematic work shows that as easy due to the files from v0.2.1 and the much reduced complexity as the CHIP has most functions on-board.

The next goal is to embed a SoC onto the PCB. We are looking very closely at using NextThing Co.'s GR8 SoC from the C.H.I.P. It is a single core ARMv7-A (Cortex-A8) @ 1GHz with 256MB of DDR3, it also includes an AXP209 PMU. The processor and PMU are perfect candidates for the amount of performance and features required for mobile retro gaming and any PICO8 game. With built in battery charging, soft-shut down, 18-bit DPI display interface, 2x USB ports, UART, SDIO, I2S, I2C, PWM, and SPI as the short list of features. A WiFi chip through SDIO and an external SD card will be supported.