3 Node Raspberry Pi Cluster

I try to build a 3 Node Raspberry Pi Cluster to teaching myself how cluster PCs work.

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I was inspired to this project after I saw a video from the Youtuber Tinkernut who made a tutorial about how to configure a simple Rasperry Pi Cluster on the software site. This tutorial focused my mind on the topic of Cluster PCs, and long story short: I now own 2 Raspberry Pi B and one Raspberry Pi B+.

After a bit of experimenting and scratching on the surface of cluster computing I encountered the problem that three pilled up Rasperry Pi's maybe aren't the best way to operate them so I decided that I need a case for them which also takes care about the networking and power distribution for all Pi's.

Key features of the case:

- semi portable

- one power plug for 3 Pi's and accessories

- one ethernet plug

- relativly low cost

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi B+
  • 2 × Raspberry Pi B
  • 3 × Ethernet Cable 0.5m
  • 1 × Micro SD Card 16GB
  • 2 × SD Card 16GB

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  • Project is on Hold

    Tobias W.05/18/2015 at 15:40 0 comments

    The cluster project sadly is on hold because one of the Raspberry Pi B is dead, and replacements are hard to find. Also a cluster nowadays is more use full with Raspberry Pi rev. 2 's that's why I end this project and plan a similar new one with the new Pi's and another completely different case.

    But for now this project belongs into the HackADay Fail category.

  • Changed mind again on the case

    Tobias W.12/04/2014 at 22:34 0 comments

    Another day in the workshop has pased and this is the result

    yes I changed my mind again and moved back to a triangular shape but the case is far from finished jet. And I should talk more about what I did and less about what I think.

    Sadly I fried one of my Pi's with 12V during some testing. But I try to get the next update out soon.

  • Layed out the power network

    Tobias W.11/28/2014 at 20:11 0 comments

    Lately I finished the work on the power cables, connected everything and temporarely secured everything with scotch tape.

    The circuitry is still pretty easy done because all black wires go to the ground pin on the pi's gpio and the red ones to one of the 5V pin's. I think I'm going to add a protective diode a fuse and a capacitor to smooth out any voltage variance.

    As you can see, I haven't progressed in finnishing the case. I've discarded the idea of a triangular shape which was sort of problematic and moved to a standart box shape but to finish this, I have to buy more metal and return to the workshop.

  • Base Plate is finished

    Tobias W.07/25/2014 at 19:18 0 comments

    After a long day with my grandfather in his shop we finished the base plate.

    So now I can use the next day to do the power distribution to all the components.

  • Status Quo

    Tobias W.07/25/2014 at 13:07 0 comments

    I got all three Pi's mounted on the base plate drilled the holes for most of the power cables. Whats waisting my time right now is the fact that I don't got all the tools I need to work with metal but in the next 24 to 48 hours I should be able to drill the last holes and bend everything into shape. If all that is done I can focus on the wiring and the power setup of the case.

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