327.5k 4.9k 73 1.3k
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
201.3k 2.6k 89 1.1k
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
133.6k 2.5k 37 639
Secure your Internet, control your data, fight censorship. Bring your autonomous all in one privacy device everywhere.
Project Owner Contributor

Web security everywhere

Arcadia Labs

65.4k 533 33 447
The most portable way to play LÖVE, PICO-8, Scratch or your favorite emulated games. Powered by RetroArch!
166.3k 2.1k 142 423
An open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer using a RaspberryPi and easy to find off the shelf components..
Project Owner Contributor

ramanPi - Raman Spectrometer


108.2k 1.3k 48 399
Head-mounted computer with see-through display made from cheap or printed components
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Eye


200.7k 2.6k 23 378
Integration of cheap wireless Arduino sensor nodes with an awesome home automation platform called OpenHAB. Explore interface options.
49.9k 453 21 376
Remaking the PDP-8/I using the Pi, simh & a replica front panel
Project Owner Contributor



77.8k 494 141 288
Fast RPi WiFi without USB
Project Owner Contributor

RPi WiFi


43k 1.5k 16 278
Automation framework based on wireless Moteino nodes.
Project Owner Contributor

The Moteino Framework

Felix Rusu

46k 373 56 272
LiFePO4 battery / UPS / power manager for Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

62.7k 1.1k 8 257
FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.
8.1k 541 7 253
EEG to control a Smart house. Oriented to persons with disabilities.
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Felipe Valencia V

64.3k 2.5k 18 251
A home security/automation system powered by a raspberry pi central server.
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Jones

91.5k 1.9k 13 213
CarPC with unlimited features possibility
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry PI CarPC


47.7k 1.5k 15 191
A program for custom voice commands to the Raspberry Pi. Make your RPi send emails, play videos, check the weather, and more using speech.
Project Owner Contributor

Voice Controlled Raspberry Pi

Steven Hickson

44.7k 1.6k 24 189
Cheap, Small, Open Source Servo Controlled Robot Arm
Project Owner Contributor

MeArm - Your Robot


110.3k 1.6k 40 183
Connect your unsecured wireless stuff to the internet in a secure and anonymous way
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Tor Router


20.7k 479 12 168
MADspace Advanced Robotics System: Open source 3D printed Mars rover
Project Owner Contributor


Guus van der Sluijs

50.1k 802 51 153
How I did to remotely control and monitor my home made Off-grid Photo voltaic System
42.9k 392 45 149
robot lawn mower on steroids
Project Owner Contributor



59.3k 468 35 143
Make the invisible visible for about $500.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Ground Penetrating Radar

Glenn Powers

38.5k 211 78 141
yet another portable console! ;-) roughly the size of a gameboy micro, with a 2.2" display
Project Owner Contributor



58.9k 1.4k 123 137
This project is a fancy Clock and weather display built around a monitor and a Raspberry Pi.
14.2k 209 17 131
We aim to make multi-robot systems a viable way to introduce students to the delight that is robotics.
Project Owner Contributor

Micro Robots for Education

Joshua Elsdon

81.2k 523 27 128
A budget 3D printer that is easy to build with basic tools. A closed loop system using optical mice is to be used for greater accuracy.
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap and Easy to Build 3D Printer


11k 117 5 121
Design of a 500 Euro automatic BOOKSCANNER which can be build without expensive or complicated equipment or skills.
14.1k 449 40 117
8-channel (BBQ)-Thermometer hooked to your WLAN
Project Owner Contributor

BBQ WLAN Thermometer


44.7k 1.2k 14 117
Building an open source robot arm for makers and small businesses
Project Owner Contributor

5 Axis Robot Arm

Dan Royer

62.1k 740 29 116
DIY Smartphone using Raspberry Pi A+, Camera, TFT, and Adafruit FONA with custom mobile OS.
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Smartphone

Tyler Spadgenske

37.8k 472 16 114
An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol
Project Owner Contributor


Ben Delarre

15.6k 770 13 109
The food replicator is a nice diy automation and gardening project researching enterprise style food production.
Project Owner Contributor

food replicator


18.8k 604 12 106
A Raspberry Pi based Astrophotography System
Project Owner Contributor



15.2k 160 32 105
Affordable spider robot
Project Owner Contributor


Radomir Dopieralski

14.2k 173 22 104
P.A.L. : Personable Autonomous Learning - Self Programming Robot that learns and grows - Each robot developes a unique personality.
6.7k 498 7 103
tracking CubeSats faster, anywhere and anytime for everybody!
73k 870 14 98
Classic yet original Arcade System built from the ground up, using a Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Vintage Arcade

Brayden DeVito

7.9k 445 13 87
Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency - A blockchain based energy DAO
8.3k 320 0 87
Bringing industrial automation and regulation to everyone.
22.3k 739 8 87
DIY Google glass but done properly
32.9k 754 0 86
Exploring processes and infrastructure for building physically persistent mixed reality spaces.
Project Owner Contributor

Metaverse Lab


12.9k 260 15 86
Add an old SDRAM DIMM to your SBC for a 133MS/s 32-bit Logic Analyzer, add ADCs for a Scope...
15k 152 14 84
Portable recording studio.
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Frausto

13.8k 754 0 83
A $200 smart Linux drone with the Pi Zero and the PXFmini autopilot shield.
Project Owner Contributor


Víctor Mayoral Vilches

18.3k 143 39 79
Resurrecting a Psion Series 5 PDA with modern innards
Project Owner Contributor



8.5k 97 24 78
My own raspi-zero style board, based on the new ECP5 series FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor! ;-)
Project Owner Contributor

'Flea Ohm' FPGA Project

Valentin Angelovski

14.4k 116 32 75
TCD1304-based linear CCD module driven by a Nucleo F401RE + Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Linear CCD module

esben rossel

14.8k 346 4 75
Pi + Picamera + M12 lens + Arduino microscope/experimental setup for diagnostics and scientific experiments!
16.5k 159 21 74
An open source low-resolution desktop CT scanner
Project Owner Contributor


peter jansen

15.6k 121 9 74
The CAT Board is part of a Raspberry Pi-based hand-held FPGA programming system.
Project Owner Contributor

CAT Board

Dave Vandenbout

17.6k 584 14 70
Build your own DIY Point of Sale using a Raspberry Pi ZERO​/a+/b/b+/2 with a mini thermal receipt printer and IoT funtions.
11.1k 185 11 67
An open-source, ultra-low cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases
Project Owner Contributor

Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Ebin Philip

25.1k 1.3k 7 66
A polarimetric imager to locate landmines, detect invisible pollutants, identify cancerous tissues, and maybe even observe cloaked UFOs!
15.4k 734 7 65
Professional quality, 24 bit, 192kHz audio breakout board for Teensy 3.x, Raspberry Pi, and more.
26.5k 550 17 64
A power-sipping all-purpose laptop
Project Owner Contributor

E-ink Raspberry Pi display

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

58.2k 268 5 64
Car computer using Android Tablet as interface and Raspberry Pi as backend (with some Arduinos and Teensies thrown in for good measure)
18.9k 206 12 63
Wifi or 4g FPV with the Raspberry pi and the camera board
Project Owner Contributor



10.9k 334 6 59
We are updating the microscope using open source materials to make microscopy accessible globally
Project Owner Contributor

Internet of Things Microscope

Arch Reactor

8k 117 7 59
Yet Another Robot aRM - where I develop a low-cost compliant robot arm with a 1meter reach, 1KG payload.
8.5k 229 26 59
Makes Raspberry Pi accessible, portable and easily configurable.
Project Owner Contributor

pyLCI - Linux Control Interface


16.3k 552 16 59
Codename Hardpass: A Password Manager on the Raspberry Pi Zero...suffering featuritis.
24k 245 15 58
Conversion of dashboard from an old, Communist clone of the French Renault 12 (Dacia 1310)
23.1k 924 13 57
An Open Source Aquaponics Control System with sensors galore and control of the water valve. With a dashboard, data-logging and alerts too!
Project Owner Contributor


Gareth Coleman

4.1k 93 6 57
A low cost remake of the PDP-11/70
Project Owner Contributor



5.5k 1.1k 6 57
Creating a four legged robot with a running bound gait.
Project Owner Contributor

Mr. Runner

Alex Martin

10.3k 606 13 55
A low cost Internet of things platform to build your own smart house
10.2k 806 15 53
Next level citizen science project: an open & global network of low-cost meteor cameras. Goal: explore the Solar System from your home!
Project Owner Contributor

Asteria Network

Dario Zubovic

18.4k 833 8 53
Open source, easy to assemble type of DIY laser cutter and engraver.
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Desktop Laser Cutter


9.3k 213 4 53
FabScan PI is a Stand-Alone Web-Enabled Raspberry Pi based Open-Source 3D Laser Scanner
Project Owner Contributor

FabScan Pi - 3D Laser Scanner

Mario Lukas

26.2k 466 27 51
CANBUS adapter for the Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor



13.7k 96 9 49
Make a board to interface the Raspberry Pi with a surplus Kindle screen. The smaller and cheaper, the better
Project Owner Contributor

6 inch Pi E-ink display

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

17.3k 149 20 49
A simple and cheap online Camera Robot Based on The MagPi magazine issue no.9. No hectic port forwarding configuration required.
18.3k 80 88 48
Instant-Printing-Point-and-Shoot camera. Or yet another Polaroid like.
Project Owner Contributor



10.3k 718 9 47
Meet Andy, a multi-purpose voice controlled humanoid robot built with a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of Servos, brackets, and other great stuff.
5.2k 503 14 47
Open Autonomous Domestic Robots – An open source system for domestic cleaning robots using low-cost hardware
9.1k 520 13 47
Cheap, fully automated model train system with 99.9999% 3D printed parts.
15.4k 385 80 47
well the follows start coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi project


21.2k 119 9 46
yet another pixel globe
Project Owner Contributor



6.9k 63 13 44
Design of a UV printer for making exposures of Alternative Photography prints, direct from a digital image
9.3k 400 16 43
It can power the Raspberry Pi Zero over Ethernet. The board also adds an Ethernet Phy to the Raspberry Pi Zero to give you full Ethernet
8.3k 511 27 43
Underwater robots!
Project Owner Contributor

BorgCube ROV

Tim Wilkinson

13k 90 6 42
An Asteroid Shooting Game
Project Owner Contributor



16.4k 1.5k 5 41
A high availability Raspberry pi cluster for home automation purposes. Simple, low on energy, but very stable.
5.4k 563 5 40
This project's goal was to make a vest that a visually impaired or gamer could use when moving around in their environment(real or virtual).
31.6k 1.4k 5 39
Easy to configure & use wireless home automation network including a central station and various low-power nodes.
Project Owner Contributor


Arcadia Labs

5k 525 0 39
A robot with a web GUI that can autonomously mix and pour cocktails
Project Owner Contributor

The Open Bar


13.2k 2.8k 2 38
Open-source IoT platform
Project Owner Contributor


Ivo Slanina

2k 789 10 37
An affordable fully 3D printed quadruped chassis designed to be built on an FDM 3D printer and used for testing gait algorithms.
Project Owner Contributor



5.2k 43 10 37
A plug-n-play 4 port USB hub for the Pi Zero - No soldering required! Also provides a power source for the Pi
9.5k 85 30 36
Harvesting clean drinking water from sunshine.
7.5k 54 10 36
Affordable quadruped robot powered by a Pi Zero
Project Owner Contributor

Tote Zero

Radomir Dopieralski

4.2k 51 9 34
Smart, Wi-Fi manged 6x USB port Power Meter with 4x port USB 2.0 hub, 2x charging ports with touch 2.4" LCD
10.3k 61 8 34
Plasma Cutter + CNC Table + Auto Load/Unload = Tool to build other projects faster
Project Owner Contributor

CNC Plasma Table


3.9k 24 10 33
The Glowboard Plotter plots images using 64 UV LEDs attached in a line moved over a 120cmx60cm glow-in-the-dark sheet by a stepper.
Project Owner Contributor

Glowboard Plotter


11k 47 8 33
Similar to the vga666 board, but re-designed for the Pi Zero.
2k 199 3 33
A dedicated HAB platform with 2-way communications via that can be used to experiment low cost space launch technologies.
Project Owner Contributor

The Rockoon


5.2k 375 6 33
Battery powered wireless UART Terminal for your Pi Zero(and others)
4.4k 172 0 33
A self contained classroom suite in a portable case for use anywhere in the world regardless of infrastructure
Project Owner Contributor

EduCase Portable Classroom

Eric Wiiliam

5.9k 40 10 31
Small form factor laptop in the style of old HPC's like the Jornada.
Project Owner Contributor

Mini rpi2 laptop


13.7k 55 3 31
A compact Tvheadend server based on a RPi3 to bypass geographical restrictions of TV broadcasting
8k 52 2 31
Using a Pi Zero, I want to create a cheap keyboard interface and graphics card for my RC2014 homebrew computer
Project Owner Contributor

$5 Graphics Card For Homebrew Z80


10.1k 224 17 31
Solving a key farming problem: is it safe to harvest / spray / sow today? (+experiments with 'big' data in agriculture)
Project Owner Contributor



6.5k 427 0 30
CarontePass is an access control designed for collaborative spaces. Ideal for Hackerspaces, Makerspace, FabLabs, Hacklabs...
Project Owner Contributor

CarontePass: Open Access Control


5.7k 53 2 30
This project is about reverse engineering the hugely successful Indiegogo project: Micro Drone 3.0, porting a fw, and upgrading the hw.
6.3k 168 6 30
Somebody must be able to hear a Pi Zero on the other side of the world!
Project Owner Contributor

The Australia Project

Jenny List

4.1k 295 3 30
This is ongoing project of the mobile robot that can move in a rough terrain
Project Owner Contributor

4WD all terrain robot


7.1k 23 7 30
Hi, I needed a simple media player that my son can understand. I could not find a commercial solution, so I built one based on a raspberry
8k 62 15 28
The lead-acid batteries of my off-grid solar system are dead. I will replace them with a 18650 batteries stack housed in a big wooden box.
Project Owner Contributor

A 110 kWh Powerbucket

Michel Kuenemann

9.5k 473 12 28
A mobile text scanner/reader for people with severe visual impairments
5.6k 90 2 27
PiZero+CustomAccessPoint+CaptivePortal+AudioStreaming+PiFM+Voip in a wallet. Cash, Cache and Content. (optional Solar Charger)
Project Owner Contributor



14.4k 524 1 27
Smart Cap consists of a monocular head mounted display and supports voice recognition and first person video streaming.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Cap

Arvind Sanjeev

8.3k 313 3 27
PIvena is a Raspberry PI case that holds a 7" HDMI LCD and is styled similar to the Novena opensource laptop.
Project Owner Contributor



9.1k 1k 3 27
... with video pass-through ...
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Augmented Reality Device

Arcadia Labs

7.8k 303 9 25
A wireless nautical chart plotter based on a Raspberry Pi and a sunlight readable screen.
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Chart

Erland Lewin

6.6k 41 4 25
A portable thermal imager with PiCam overlay using a FLIR Lepton on a Raspberry Pi2, Official Raspberry screen, and some other parts.
8.2k 55 2 25
An Arduino based project to convert an old broken ZX Spectrum computer in to a USB keyboard.
Project Owner Contributor

ZX Keyboard

Alistair MacDonald

5.3k 32 6 24
Integrated approach to urban exploration safety
Project Owner Contributor

YDE - You Do Exist

Kody Kinzie

3.7k 229 2 24
A programmable glucometer powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Glucometer

Jonathan Buchanan

1.8k 851 7 24
An all-in-one development platform featuring a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, a HDMI display screen and a breadboard area.
Project Owner Contributor

Pi/Arduino Prototyping

Craig Hissett

9.4k 219 18 23
A project about Home Automation. I want to replace my old thermostat with an IoT ESP8266 + OLED 128x64 Screen + OpenHab + MQTT + Micropython
2.8k 41 8 23
A Hitchiker's Guide-inspired door greeter for our local hackspace
Project Owner Contributor

Marvin the Paranoid Doorbot


5.4k 230 9 23
A coffee machine sized box that automatically organizes your medications and connects your medicine use directly to your doctor/pharmacy.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Desktop Medicine Organizer


6.4k 338 8 23
A new smart mirror design.
Project Owner Contributor

Reflectrum - Smart Mirror

Chris Gervang

7k 443 2 22
Project Noah (Network Of Automated Hardware) is an open source home automation system designed to be connected to the Pi or Windows/Linux PC
Project Owner Contributor

Project Noah


4.7k 142 5 22
Making heart implant collected data accessible to the patients by sniffing RF transmissions
Project Owner Contributor



5.7k 38 2 22
A powerful, inexpensive, and extensible tactical sailing computer
Project Owner Contributor

Mr. Gibbs

Brook Patten

6.1k 39 0 22
Battery powered remote display for logging station
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless remote LCD


13.4k 1.1k 13 22
A self hosting LAN party Minecraft server that doesnt require an internet connection.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Minecraft Server


6.6k 561 17 22
20x10 WS2812 LEDs driven by Raspberry Pi/Arduino to play games like Tetris in the living room
2.9k 48 5 22
Open Source interface to connect LCD's (5" and 7") to any Board/Micro-controller using HDMI and SPI
Project Owner Contributor

OLI (Open LCD Interface)

Joe Mendia

1.8k 556 0 21
I am actively adding components in 2016. Starting with the Centrifuge
1.3k 221 2 21
Hexapod using Inverse kinematics with a Raspberry PI 3 brain, XBox 360 Wireless controller running on Windows 10 IOT Core. (3d printed legs)
Project Owner Contributor

3DOF Hexapod (Hexapi)

Larry W.

3.9k 249 8 21
Pi Zero and camera weigh 13 grams making it an ideal setup for data logging, HD video recording and custom On Screen Display for FPV.
5.1k 842 6 21
Got a Raspberry Pi ? A few more bucks turn it into a networked SPI Flash chip reader/writer
Project Owner Contributor

SPI Flasher

Yann Guidon / YGDES

8.3k 562 5 20
Get fast Wifi via the Raspberry Pi GPIO header using the SDIO bus of the ESP8266. Also with audio jack for the zero.
12k 467 8 20
Made from a Raspberry Pi 2 B, a 4,3" TFT screen, a powerbank and a modified SNES controller.
2.3k 294 5 20
Camera Traps can empower local communities & schools to observe & learn about wildlife. We aim to create an affordable DIY solution for all.
7.1k 63 3 20
Computerized Automotive Race Management and Instrumentation Network
Project Owner Contributor



2.7k 24 3 20
The not so dumb terminal
Project Owner Contributor


John Whittington

8.8k 28 11 20
One mans quest to spend less time in the basement
Project Owner Contributor

Monitoring washing machines

Lars Knudsen

4.2k 16 0 19
R-Kade Zero + Raspberry Pi Zero = Tiny Video Gaming System
Project Owner Contributor

R-Kade Zero


3.5k 196 0 19
Multi-purpose Personal Office Assistant powered with 5 XL-320 motors, OpenCM9.04 , RasperryPI 3, Sound board, Sonar , OpenCV
7.3k 711 6 19
Home automation hub disguised as a thermostat
4.4k 87 1 19
Play 1000's of games from over 40 retro gaming platforms, or enjoy playback and streaming your media content. Raspberry Pi CPU inside!
7.2k 43 2 19
An IoT device that displays the weather, news, time, and can play music: all on a beautiful, clean interface
Project Owner Contributor

Juliet Magic Mirror

Matt Lagarenne

3.9k 398 6 19
Design for compact cluster and case that can be used for housing up to 5x Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 or Odroid XU4 (SoC) computer nodes.
4.2k 413 1 19
A scalable, expandable home monitoring system designed for ease of use.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Sensor Network


8k 390 2 18
My project consists of a wardriving platform based around the Raspberry Pi that requires no maintenance after an initial setup.
Project Owner Contributor

Fire and Forget Wardriving

Alex Sikand

11.7k 99 0 18
A doorphone built using RPi and asterisk
Project Owner Contributor


Ansen Labardee

3k 240 7 18
Real-time machine-vision based detection of elephants in rural areas: providing warnings to locals and thus prevent human-elephant conflict
2.6k 578 3 18
Art installation by Fred Sapey Triomphe comprising 16800 RGB LED, 120 PSU, 6 WizYasep and a RPiB+
8.8k 275 6 18
An ongoing attempt to subsidize my foodly needs and maybe provide a template for others to use for their own homes.
5.6k 941 1 18
A Raspberry Pi based automated grow controller for medical marijuana.
Project Owner Contributor


Greasy Nichols

4.7k 1.1k 7 17
Utilizing the Raspberry Pi to be a video intercom using a USB webcam and IO board
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Win10 IoT Intercom


2.2k 1.1k 2 17
A simple board that lets you use the SPI interface on a Raspberry Pi to program ATMEL AVR microcontrollers.
Project Owner Contributor

AVR Programmer for Raspberry Pi


911 109 0 17
Laura brings low-cost long-range encrypted 915MHz communication to the palm of your hand.
Project Owner Contributor

Laura // ISM-band WAN Messaging

Phil Herlihy

6.8k 711 3 17
Network enabled amplifier that consolidates many audio routing needs
Project Owner Contributor

Network Amplifier


14.8k 373 0 17
Bastardizing a pigrrl with a C1111 chip
Project Owner Contributor

Pocket Brute


4.1k 65 2 17
RAZBOT is a 3D printable Rasberry Pi Rover running the Robot Operating System
Project Owner Contributor



3.9k 16 2 17
How to catch a mouse with a Raspberry Pi?
Project Owner Contributor

RaspiTrap V1.0

Alain Mauer

4.7k 139 0 17
Automatic Slow Coffee Machine | home information device | music player
Project Owner Contributor

Coffee machine v2


1.9k 205 0 17
Qubie is a small wireless device that measures waiting time at a polling place for the benefit of both election jurisdictions and citizens.
Project Owner Contributor



12.9k 969 1 16
MashBerry is a Raspberry PI based beer-brewing controller. It is designed to automate the mashing-process for the homebrewer.
5.7k 543 2 16
A robot that can clean an area of human liter in an autonomous fashion for easier disposal.
Project Owner Contributor

Lazy Cleaner 9000


8.1k 491 0 16
This system decides how much water your plants need according to its sensors and internet weather stations and controls a pump to water them
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous watering system


3.2k 121 0 16
Eight chimes can sound in different patterns whenever I receive a notification through IFTTT
2.7k 29 1 15
Subpixel imaging using the Raspberry Pi and an Android Smarthpone. The lightsource is represented by an LCD.
1.5k 28 0 15
Analyze electrical signals using a raspberry pi with a user interface designed for students, hobbyists, and other beginners.
Project Owner Contributor

Affordable Spectrum Analzyer

Dan Kisling

3.1k 21 2 15
The laptop I made “The Pi-Berry Laptop” is built around the Raspberry Pi 2. It has 1GB RAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port
9.2k 643 0 15
I try to build a 3 Node Raspberry Pi Cluster to teaching myself how cluster PCs work.
Project Owner Contributor

3 Node Raspberry Pi Cluster

Tobias W.

6k 61 2 15
To go where no Rice dorm has gone before: Automated Lighting n' Stuff
2.7k 737 0 15
An interactive artwork built to help with the goals of rhino conservation and electronics and computer science outreach
Project Owner Contributor

Erica The Cyber Rhino

Tyler Ward (Scorpia)

6.1k 1.2k 4 15
Reef tank controller used to monitor various parameters such as temp and pH, and also control equipment such as pump and lights.
Project Owner Contributor

AquaPic - Aquarium Controller

Skyler Brandt

25.9k 360 0 15
Using Technology And A Hackers Mindset To Increase Food Security For The Coming Billions Last Updated [21/9/2015]
4.2k 436 0 14
The charge controller consists of a buck converter that is controlled by an Arduino via a half-bridge driver.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino MPPT Solar Charge Controller


1.3k 346 0 14
Led clock with a Raspberry Pi web radio
Project Owner Contributor



6.1k 74 3 14
A brewing platform that turns malt, hops and water into fermentable wort. Yeast takes care of the rest and then we have beer!
Project Owner Contributor

CERVOMEC Brewing System


4.9k 262 0 14
Raspberry pi powered fox hunt transmitter
Project Owner Contributor



2.6k 365 0 14
It's not smart. It's a raspberry pi I can ssh into. With a fancy mac inspired case.
Project Owner Contributor

Heimdall - dumb remote home


7.7k 940 0 14
A front-end to the Raspberry Pi that uses the NoIR camera & GPIO for remote residential door control
Project Owner Contributor

Garage Security


4.4k 729 5 14
A touch-less, streaming radio/alarm clock
1.6k 533 0 14
Powered by Raspberry Pi, Python, #pyLCI, 18650 cells and tons of peripherals.
1k 292 0 14
An open backend solution enabling everone to build and maintain a IoT enabled sensor network. BeeStalker is the reference for you project!
2k 24 5 14
R.Ian is meant so be simple to build but have interesting capabilities useful for teaching programming
5.6k 713 0 14
Open source universal infrared remote control based upon the STM8S microcontroller with oooodles of connectivity options.
Project Owner Contributor

OpenIR - Infrared Remote Control


1.7k 38 7 14
Glanceable information displayed on a LCD screen powered by a atmega328 and feed from a internet connected raspberry pi
Project Owner Contributor



3.1k 14 5 13
Avoiding fatigue by automatically controlling the direction of a fan's air flow using face and eye blink detection.
834 501 0 13
A common connection format for hardware peripherals for multiple development platforms.
Project Owner Contributor

MakerMod System


5.1k 453 3 13
"Grab a Jack !"
Project Owner Contributor

Futurama's Jack dispenser


9.5k 46 1 13
I posting this to give a feel for the Odroid U3. There is a forum but not a lot of documentation out there.
1.2k 35 0 13
A precise and upgradable robot base built around a raspberry pi
794 1.6k 0 13
This is a project using my 3D printed Camera Housing Design, Raspberry Pi, and Open Source Motion Software
2.3k 184 11 13
Yet another Mi-Light bulb controller. This time with timers, 3rd party integration, and both RGB and CCT bulbs.
Project Owner Contributor

The Atomik Controller

Rahim Khoja

2.3k 19 6 13
How I automate the slaughter of the Official Raspberry Pi's Debian-based OS to create reliable headless, embedded systems
Project Owner Contributor

Raspbian Squeezed

Yann Guidon / YGDES

1.2k 205 0 13
[Anonymous Virtual Augmented Local Network]: Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure
Project Owner Contributor



4.2k 561 0 13
A Node.js Based Raspberry Pi Home Fire/Security Alarm and Environmental Monitoring System.
Project Owner Contributor

Node Pi Alarm

Alpha Charlie

1.4k 1.3k 0 13
Internet of Things rapid prototyping platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Aquila IoT Platform


1.4k 88 6 13
SkyLight : Get beyond TV's ambient light
Project Owner Contributor


Songkord Thirachai

2.6k 400 7 13
Building an inexpensive (as close to free as possible) workstation based on the Raspberry Pi 3
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi 3 based workstation


2.2k 184 1 13
A Raspberry Pi stompbox sound module running Fluidsynth
Project Owner Contributor


Bill Peterson

5.2k 661 2 13
A translucent wall with custom shelves, a waterfall feature, and remotely-controllable lighting
5.2k 1k 1 13
4.5k 582 0 13
Custom Android app to send commands over to nRF24L01+ receivers with 4-channel PWM capability to control LED strips.
1.8k 39 1 12
RC Truck + 4G Modem + RaspberryPi + Arduino + Webcam/Mic + Speakers + 4" Monitor
746 440 1 12
An add-on to the Pi Zero that charges a LiPoly battery when the Pi is using external power, and powers the Pi when not.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Zero LiPoly board


14.4k 298 0 12
As a part of my work/private investigation regarding sensor networks and Internet of things, I am discovering the works using a toy project.
2.9k 17 4 12
Electronic drums using a Raspberry Pi and ±200g accelerometers.
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 13 10 12
Two channel analog input for the Pi Zero for under a dollar.
Project Owner Contributor



2.7k 790 0 12
This laser cutter is made of a wooden base and some metal rails. It's very cheap and uses RaspberryPi for all, data and control.
Project Owner Contributor

12V Lasercutter

Jack Pearse

1.6k 10 2 12
The Green Machine is a Raspberry Pi / Arduino / GRBL shield powered linear motion machine designed to spray clear florescent safety tubes.
Project Owner Contributor

The Green Machine


3.1k 9 3 12
Modular design, small footprint Pi Zero Supercomputer
Project Owner Contributor

8 Leaf Pi Zero Bramble


737 44 2 12
Its a clip. That beeps. The Knowhere is a radio connected device that ensures you will never lose anything again.
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 214 3 11
Start from 0 to other raspberry pies (1,2,3..)
Project Owner Contributor

Port Tizen to Raspberry Pi Zero


695 652 4 11
A system that tracks limb movement of people who have movement disorders to assist in diagnosis and therapy
Project Owner Contributor

Human Limb Tracking

Jonathan Kelly

1.2k 201 0 11
Hear the melody of space.
Project Owner Contributor


Ernest Warzocha

1.9k 383 0 11
This is Amazon's Alexa running on a Raspberry Pi Zero built into a mid-century modern intercom for your desk.
3.1k 28 8 11
An encrypted WiFi bridge from my house to my mother-in-laws house across the back court so she can watch Netflix
Project Owner Contributor

Einstein-Rosen Bridge (WiFi)


4.9k 48 31 11
using a raspberry pi to control lights over static network with Arduino Nano nodes
Project Owner Contributor

LED Christmas Pixels

shane bourgeois

1.8k 16 0 11
A portable retro game emulator inside a tin.
Project Owner Contributor

Tin PiBoy


8.8k 61 4 11
LCD with HDMI adapter and capacitive touchscreen
Project Owner Contributor

HDMI touchscreen


3.2k 22 15 11
An all-in-one video player/controller, suitable for children
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Video Player

Craig Hissett

2.3k 21 3 11
Solar powered Raspberry Pi measuring greenhouse environmental data and driving some actors
Project Owner Contributor

Greenhouse Pi


537 388 8 11
Raspberry Pi based, portable security ir camera with IR motion detector
Project Owner Contributor

IR Activated IrDVR


3.1k 778 0 11
r0ck candy is a social, portable pirate radio station stuffed in a candy container
Project Owner Contributor

r0ck candy Pirate Radio

mark gunderson

1.1k 14 9 11
A Li-Ion charger for Solar or USB with PMIC/RTC, 5V boost converter and USB Hub that can run Linux for only $5 more!
Project Owner Contributor

"Solar Pi Platter"

Dan Julio

4.5k 38 5 11
Project Owner Contributor

Firefighter Pump Training System


1.8k 10 0 11
Standalone or network camera based on a Raspberry Pi A+
4.2k 507 2 11
Autonomous Pi Bot
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous Pi bot


3.6k 277 9 11
Teach programming, electronics, and mechanics with the Kano Computer and Snap Circuits.
1.8k 314 2 10
OLED screen to display info (i.e. weather) teamed up with a ws2812 led ring for glanceable status. Also a shutdown and reset button
Project Owner Contributor



619 47 3 10
This project aims to build a 1m autonomous sailing boat to compete in the World Robotic Sailing Championship (WRSC)
Project Owner Contributor

Southampton Sailing Robot


6.2k 612 1 10
All in one, plug in pi hat that includes a power converter, adafruit FONA, on a hackaday perma proto hat
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Fona PiHat


4.3k 84 0 10
Personal secure connection.
Project Owner Contributor

B(h)ackpack AP

820 493 2 10
This is a robot platform with stereo cameras and omniwheel drive. It can be connected to HMD (e.g., google cardboad, ocolus rift, ...)
848 184 0 10
A mirror that should display information about weather ,temperature and other useful information.
Project Owner Contributor

Magic Info Mirror


1.4k 9 2 10
A Pi-powered sports tracking device using a GPS Module, that allows a user to see their journey on a touch display.
Project Owner Contributor


Sammy Herring

2.8k 45 1 10
Fully automated solution for monitoring and controlling irrigation and watering systems for optimized usage of water resources.
Project Owner Contributor


ACROBOTIC Industries

6.1k 291 23 10
Raspberry Pi Zero-based emulator in an NES controller case. Powered by LiPo battery and Adafruit Boost Charger.
Project Owner Contributor

NESPi Controller

Kevin Neubauer

3.2k 126 0 10
This is a versatile system of hardware and software to evaluate outside weather conditions vs inside weather conditions.
Project Owner Contributor

Clouds Happen

Brenda Armour

4.7k 495 0 10
Raspberry Pi based car stereo system
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Car Stereo

Brandon Hart

3.3k 91 7 10
Control a HDMI switch with your Raspberry Pi and watch something interesting during TV ads.
Project Owner Contributor

Tecedi SmartZap: Adblock for TV


1.1k 152 6 10
ArduPiSHIELD - universal IoT shield for Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno, Nano, Mini, Pro Mini, Micro, Leonardo and many other boards
1.5k 521 1 10
A heating system based on the Raspberry pi to control relays and valves.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Heating System

Colin Conway

3.2k 27 21 10
Play game shows with your Raspberry Pi and some big pushbuttons.
Project Owner Contributor

Game Show Emulator

Tyler Spadgenske

2.2k 260 0 10
Bringing Bluetooth/wifi streaming and USB/SD Card music to my auld Fiat Punto via the head unit's CD Changer port
Project Owner Contributor

Car Music Streamer

Craig Hissett

6.4k 899 0 10
Home automation using the Loxone series of home automation products along with hacks to extend functionality and reduce cost
Project Owner Contributor

Commercial home automation

Ian Norton

977 12 5 10
Turning one of my old favorite toys from my childhood into a raspberry pi zero based internet controlled robot.
Project Owner Contributor

Retrofit Robot

Fredrik J

726 272 0 9
Low cost and pocket sized equipment can be used to steal your credentials in WiFi networks that require login via a web pages
2.8k 717 0 9
An implementation of a Simultaneous Location and Mapping algorithm for the Sparki robot to be used in middle or high school robotics classes
Project Owner Contributor

Sparki SLAM


5.8k 561 0 9
Modular low cost building blocks for home automation and other control systems.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost Home Automation


3.1k 290 0 9
Launch model rockets with a smartphone and Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Smartphone Rocket Launcher

Lewis Callaway

4.6k 420 4 9
An automated and connected aquarium management system
860 183 0 9
This is a project of how to automate beekeeping, and take decisions on where to keep your hives for better honey harvesting.
1.3k 10 0 9
WiFi networked electro-mechanical 7x7 pixel flip-dot displays as giant DMDs (Digital Micromirror Devices) for low resolution projection
1.2k 17 5 9
TKIRV is an attempt to build a land vehicle that can operate indefinitely while being remotely controlled over the mobile network.
Project Owner Contributor

TKIRV - A Solar Internet Rover


2.9k 199 0 9
Building autonomous kayaks for science and exploration.
Project Owner Contributor

The Julius project

Barry Getty

7k 293 5 9
Raspberry Pi powered seamless video looper
Project Owner Contributor



1.9k 359 8 9
How to control a relay with the Kano Computer (Raspberry Pi)
1.8k 568 7 8
This is PiP, the portable raspberry pi computer. It runs off of batteries and can do anything a linux pc can and more! No floppys required.
2.2k 511 4 8
A full-featured, inexpensive bluetooth music system for cars with lacking stereos.
Project Owner Contributor



2k 500 2 8
Retrofitting a Raspberry Pi in to an old Radio Shack Robie Junior robot.
Project Owner Contributor

Project Robie Rover

Mike Skovgaard

4.1k 26 0 8
A touchscreen camera and sensor array.
4.4k 171 2 8
This alarm clock has no pity and can't be fooled - it won't shut up till you get up.
Project Owner Contributor

Merciless Pi Alarm Clock


2.6k 557 3 8
I set out to build a RPi radio with bluetooth and aux inputs that simply switched between the stations I programmed into it.
2.2k 25 0 8
Inspired by Martin Magnusson's wearable computer, I've refined the display, and modified a Nintendo Powerglove to be the complete interface!
1.3k 14 2 8
RaspberryPi photo booth to help capture memories at your events.
Project Owner Contributor


John Leeman

1.4k 382 2 8
Power over Ethernet 802.3af isolated power supply board for powering your Raspberry Pi B+ or model 2 and its peripherals.
Project Owner Contributor

RasPoE - ELL-i PoE for RasPi

Teemu Hakala

828 346 0 8
USB-gadget-based Bus Pirate-style hacker toolkit for Linux boards (targeting Pi Zero for now)
Project Owner Contributor



4.7k 237 7 8
Build a project for the Adafruit Pi Zero contest. Still throwing around ideas
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Zero something

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

1.1k 212 2 8
Obstacle detection system by OpenCv on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
465 10 0 8
This is a brain-computer interface system to allow people suffering from locked-in syndrome to experience a higher quality of life
2.9k 701 2 8
Commissioned by a friend who loves retro systems.
596 563 3 8
Control per-pole LED lighting in a grand space
Project Owner Contributor

Wide Area Light Grid


1.5k 40 2 8
The 19th century texting device meets the 21st century
Project Owner Contributor

RPi Telegraph

Ed Danis

3.7k 178 2 8
4 32x8 LED Dot-Matrix displays connected to a Raspberry Pi connected to the internet.
Project Owner Contributor

Message Board


2.4k 9 0 8
Electronic drums for Linux
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 215 4 8
Use two cheap 16-relay boards to multiplex and remotely control up to 256 channels of firey madness
Project Owner Contributor

256 Channel Firework Controller

Aleks Clark

1.9k 12 0 8
Diagnose potential traumatic brain injuries on the sidelines quickly, cheaply, and conveniently using a 30-second eye test.
418 7 4 8
Portable Python/C/C++ Programming device that can be interfaced with multiple devices
Project Owner Contributor

Handheld Programmer

Craig Hissett

1.1k 17 6 8
As you may know, I'm a judge for the Hackaday Prize. I also can be pretty lazy, so maybe I could automate the job of judging?
Project Owner Contributor

JudgeTron 9001


1.3k 8 10 8
A simple PS/2 keyboard interface for the Pi Zero.
Project Owner Contributor



2.7k 9 9 8
A modified Neo-Geo Pocket with a raspberry pi 3 and other clever hacks as its guts.
Project Owner Contributor

NeoGeo pi3

Kevin Osuna

2.8k 482 1 8
My car's alarm remote went dead. Now is the opportunity to implement a safer and more reliable remote for it using nRF24LE1.
2.4k 33 0 7
I am hacking together a shapeoko, integrating a raspberry pi as the controller and hope to utilize Octoprint to run my cnc remotely.
Project Owner Contributor

Yet Another Franken-shapeoko


3.8k 65 0 7
A tracked vehicle for playing around with. Controlled from laptop for ubiqutousness, educational value and ... uh... data.
Project Owner Contributor

Browser-Controlled Tracked Robot


2k 761 1 7
Receive force sensor reports from the 3d printer extruder at regular intervals on your mobile device.
4.1k 581 1 7
Wirelessly control a humidifier based on time and humidity
692 650 0 7
If you can change a light bulb.... You can install this security camera
Project Owner Contributor

Mighty Lighty


2.9k 18 1 7
An open source access control system based on Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor



3.7k 892 0 7
Another affordable apartment automation and remote control system. Make automation actually automatic.
Project Owner Contributor



827 742 0 7
a citizen science phenology monitoring network
Project Owner Contributor


Koen Hufkens

633 222 0 7
Use the zymbit.connect software and Raspberry Pi to monitor and determine the health of refrigeration systems.
8.6k 596 0 7
A homemade photobooth based on a raspberry pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Photobooth


703 9 0 7
Design and build hardware and software required to launch a fully functional weather balloon
222 140 5 7
Using networked cameras, track meteors to discover landing zones and originating orbits.
Project Owner Contributor

Meteor Hunter

Natty Bumppo

4.5k 6 0 6
build a "gameboy" like device running retropie on a Raspberry Pi Zero
1k 179 1 6
We send about 35% of our day sleeping. What's the most important device for us during that time? Our alarm clocks, of course.
3.9k 44 1 6
An ongoing project to add entertainment, bells, whistles and quality of life improvements to the car.
Project Owner Contributor

Car of the future!


2k 329 0 6
Wreck it Ralph, making the magic happen for real.
760 163 9 6
The project idea is to design custom surgical instruments like retractors both in size or shape and 3d print them
Project Owner Contributor

Open Sourcing Surgery


1.4k 339 0 6
A safe-deposit box that requires 2FA to open. Built with and Authy.
1.3k 14 0 6
AluPi is a portable device designed for playing games and performing general computing which is straightforward to assemble.
506 307 0 6
Physical volume knob that can also be controlled from a browser.
398 9 3 6
Fully autonomous deep sea photography vehicle
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 98 0 6
A time lapse setup intended to run off-grid for several months with only infrequent attention needed, eg. for recording building projects
Project Owner Contributor

Long term time lapse


4.9k 33 6 6
Yet another hardware controller for Kerbal Space Program. Leveraging Telemachus, Python and Arduino to drive joysticks, buttons and displays
Project Owner Contributor



797 210 24 6
Yet another easy, cheap and smart hack for a sort of remote, connected over Cat5 to a Pi or whatever with 2 GPIO.
229 240 4 6
An AI that lets any robot learn through positive and negative feedback.
Project Owner Contributor


Joshua Gruenstein

2.6k 635 0 6
I am building an automated aquarium controller to fit into my home automation system.
Project Owner Contributor

Aquarium controller / home automation


3.5k 10 9 6
USB-less WiFi for the PiZero (and others)
Project Owner Contributor

Yet Another (PiZero) Wi-Fi 'Hat'


900 323 0 6
A desktop hi-fi audio player for listening music without interruptions or breaking the bank
Project Owner Contributor

Desktop hi-fi audio player


515 8 1 6
A low-cost, circulating sous-vide system that uses novel COTS components.
Project Owner Contributor

Sous-Vide, Adapt or Die Trying


797 1.3k 0 6
Virtual reality recording and streaming using the Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Costas Vav

482 204 2 6
Open source Raspberry Pi HAT for rapid prototyping of IoT
Project Owner Contributor

Anavi Flex Raspberry Pi HAT

Leon Anavi

977 176 2 6
This is a CAN-BUS enabled python MP3 player running on a raspberry pi
Project Owner Contributor

MPi3 - CAN-BUS MP3 player


1.7k 43 1 6
A project aimed at developing a reconfigurable sea-based relay network for ADS-B out signal for aircraft tracking over the oceans.
Project Owner Contributor

The Global Seer

Poh Hou Shun

1.5k 465 2 6
An alarm clock that encourages tinkering and modification. Targeted for kids, but fun for old hacks like myself.
Project Owner Contributor

Hack-Ready Alarm Clock


382 5 0 6
A Raspberry Pi powered digital photo display unit
Project Owner Contributor


Austin Marandos

1.3k 185 0 6
An open & automated countertop aeroponic factory for herbs and other edible small plants
Project Owner Contributor


Ben Nortier

1.4k 90 0 5
GPS tracker map server and client for use in remote locations with no internet coverage or mains power.
2.2k 574 0 5
A Raspberry Pi inside of a GameBoy retaining as much of the case as possible and using
2.8k 222 0 5
An Open-Source Initiative to Build Multi-Robot Cyborgs
Project Owner Contributor



302 1.1k 0 5
A Raspberry Pi based GSM router that allows you to route calls through a VPN connection into your home Asterisk PBX installation.
Project Owner Contributor

RPi GSM Router

Akif D.

1.2k 929 0 5
This is an opensource, modular garden system designed specifically for automation, IoT monitoring and remote control.
Project Owner Contributor

Indoor/Outdoor GrowBot


616 100 0 5
To help build a perfect shelter for feral cats and protect them from the harsh climate. To reduce suffering for those who have no voice.
Project Owner Contributor

Cats in Motion

Brenda Armour

3.5k 301 0 5
Extract best practices from existing garage door projects. Build version that suites my needs; eventually integrate into other HA efforts.
2k 496 17 5
An easy to use BLE module for the Raspberry Pi based on the nRF51x chipset
Project Owner Contributor

BLEezy: Raspberry Pi Zero


710 246 2 5
Building a device to automatically monitor home care patients
Project Owner Contributor

Fall detector

Kim Salmi

1.5k 91 0 5
A MegaDrive in a MegaDrive game cartridge?!
Project Owner Contributor

Mega Pi


707 23 3 5
Futuristic dwellings & new types of efficient structures made by dynamic "Bottle Brix" : trash composites found anywhere, used everywhere!
Project Owner Contributor

Type 1 Civilization Builder

Mink Stacktrane

1.8k 8 0 5
Pi Zero WiFi Backpack for WS281x LED Matrices
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Aurora


3.6k 31 2 5
Arduino-based replacement Controller for 4-axis 1983 Industrial Seiko Robot
Project Owner Contributor

Seiko Robot Custom Controller

Ross Bochnek

3.3k 388 0 5
Domestic boiler regulation without huge cabling and outlying sensors
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi heating controller


2.5k 17 7 5
An antique volt meter paired with a Raspberry Pi to display real time wind data.
911 6 0 5
Automatic CMV
Project Owner Contributor

Uncontrolled Mechanical Ventilation


563 6 2 5
Here I update you how I am upgrading and making my Printrbot Simple Metal better and easier to use
Project Owner Contributor

The Ultimate 3D Printer

Shivam Mehta

1.2k 402 1 5
The garden squid is an open platform for indoor garden automation to bring software, hardware, and garden hackers together!
Project Owner Contributor

Garden Squid

Christine Banek

592 338 0 5
A multifunctional measuring system for health and disease support, in cases where it is difficult an immediate intervention.
Project Owner Contributor


Enrico Miglino

684 353 2 5
There's always room for Pi in your Amateur Radio Go Kit. Top it off with the Pi-Go and plug right into your station power - or even your car
Project Owner Contributor


Bob Recny

2.9k 1.3k 0 5
Open automation system, starting with lights and occupancy sensing and expanding to encompass anything that has wires or electrical contacts
754 4 0 5
Take a chance to offer a free beer to a stranger !
Project Owner Contributor

Free Beer Selfie


756 366 0 5
This small project demonstrates how a Rasberry Pi and an Atlas Scientific pH sensor upload measurements to the Microsoft Azure cloud.
1k 605 0 5
A Raspberry Pi based Portrait ANSI Art Scroller using Linux and Python
3.2k 20 0 5
Use a combination of six Nixie tubes with a 16x2 LCD display and Pi2 with Adafruit Proto-Perma HAT to display information.
Project Owner Contributor

Nixie 'Display of Things'

Jon Davies "Woody"

599 655 2 4
The Bridge Shield is a board for Students, Hackers & Researchers which can use along with Pi or Arduino Uno or both to create unimaginable
1.3k 29 1 4
Low cost, low bandwidth consuming surveillance system for homes and schools.
Project Owner Contributor


Rishi Bhatnagar

241 1 0 4
This is a friendly DIY Robot I made for a class at my university that uses Matlab over a closed connection to process images and sound
979 763 4 4
Let Raspberry PI turn into a security cam that you can watch live and control from your mobile
725 4 0 4
Raspberry pi mobile emulation console
Project Owner Contributor



1.5k 433 1 4
I created a portable photo booth using a Raspberry Pi and a Canon Selphy 910 photo printer.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Photo Booth


753 441 0 4
A very low cost robot using an A+/Zero, 28BYJ-48 Steppers, ULN2003 Drivers and ultrasonic distance sensor
245 6 1 4
Just a slim Pi Zero case (< 10mm tall)
Project Owner Contributor



372 965 0 4
Let everyone write and test code, on the same platform, by just having an intelligent line-following table.
Project Owner Contributor

Grigore - Robotics for everybody


279 246 0 4
Raspberry PI & SUPLA
1.1k 3 0 4
A line follower robot mounting a NUCLEO-F401RE/Raspberry PI to implement the Control System.
Project Owner Contributor

Rover5 Line sensing follower.

Raul Funes

811 17 0 4
Remotely monitor and control appliances from anywhere!
Project Owner Contributor



1k 4 0 4
A Pi Zero portable using the DPI interface.
Project Owner Contributor



596 6 0 3
A dual antenna WiFi and Bluetooth adapter for the Raspberry Pi Zero with Wireless Display capabilities.
Project Owner Contributor

Pi TV Stick

John Basista

322 6 1 3
A flexible web app for monitoring sensor data
Project Owner Contributor

Home Sensor Monitor

Ryan Gass

1k 296 0 3
Pyball is a automated, Raspberry Pi based camera to remotely keep track of the world.
784 383 2 3
Raspberry pi/teensy controlled line follower using a pre-made chassis.
Project Owner Contributor

Dagu rover line sensing robot

Alan Chambers

1.2k 210 0 3
Make your gas fireplace sound like the real thing with way too much technology.
Project Owner Contributor

Snap Crackle Pi


441 694 0 3
If you want accurate time stamps for your application when your Raspberry Pi boots without being connected to the network, you need a RTC.
125 155 0 3
Get an alert when your pot of water is boiling
Project Owner Contributor

Stove Bot


429 136 0 3
A very simple web and voice interfaced thermal printer, assistant, and home automation controller.
213 4 0 3
Lets you play the classic board game using sand and gravel. Auto-detects the winner.
Project Owner Contributor

Python Minecraft Connect 4 Board.


1.6k 26 3 3
This isn't just your everyday plant system. This project will automated everything and provide API's for integration into all systems.
331 381 0 3
A project out of frustration. Automatic reset for misbehaving hardware.
Project Owner Contributor



637 3 0 3
Automation of the hen house. Light, door, temperature tracking. Using Raspberry PI as main unit and Wi-Fi as connection-configuration link.
Project Owner Contributor



166 219 0 3
A solar powered rover with a Pi computer that communicates by Wifi and is controlled via a web browser.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Rover


466 439 0 3
"The missing power button of the Raspberry Pi"
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

Erland Lewin

541 99 0 3
Any manifestation of a meeting - in the schools or in the streets - is going to need clear communication. Anyfesto helps that happen.
Project Owner Contributor



875 7 0 3
Solar powered AIS repeater, to relay AIS messages from receiver on nearby hill back home via LoRa
Project Owner Contributor

AIS repeater


780 426 0 3
Pi 2 raspberry pi arcade running retro pi
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry pi arcade


430 296 0 3
Project RedMatador is the whole of an ever expanding IoT system currently being developed. The base of which is a wireless web server.
Project Owner Contributor

Project RedMatador


790 3 0 3
An inexpensive, reasonable 'at home' solution for the visually compromised.
Project Owner Contributor

Voice Recognition Touch-Tone Phone


193 2 0 3
Yet another RC vehicle - with video feed, telemetry and custom controller
Project Owner Contributor

YaRC Vehicle

Welters Hackz

697 671 0 3
A open source and cost conscious take on a connected plant propagator for monitoring, fun and ..propagation!
9.3k 52 12 3
my aim was to have a handheld Pi with optimal battery and power
Project Owner Contributor

Handheld Kali Pi V2


905 8 0 3
Using easy to locate parts and a Raspberry PI 2 to create a game of recycling
Project Owner Contributor

The Less Waste Game


480 1.2k 0 3
Automated internet driven coffee maker.
Project Owner Contributor

Lattefy Coffee Maker


4.2k 311 3 3
I'm thinking about recreating Adafruit's PiGRRL, except in a different form factor
592 2k 0 3
Updating an Omnibot 5402 to serve as a home automation hub and home "assistant"
Project Owner Contributor



305 4 0 3
SurreyEARS project to build a standalone tweeting weather station with images and remote sensing.
Project Owner Contributor

EARS Pi Weather Station


535 112 0 3
Raspberry Pi Generates 24/7 Surreality TV Stream from Public Samples and Audience Requests. It's an "Art" Thing?
364 20 0 3
Platform to run tri-omni wheel configuration with Raspberry Pi and hobby ESCs
Project Owner Contributor

Tri-omni wheel Pi Zero robot

Jeffrey Jacques

801 300 0 2
Underdeveloped robot car with stepper motors and a Raspberry Pi Zero
Project Owner Contributor

RoboCar Zero


2.2k 586 0 2
In this project i will try to take the little piece of magic called the raspberri pi and turn it into a computer the size of a nintendo ds.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry pi pocket PC


715 1.1k 0 2
HABDroid -> openHAB on Raspberry Pi -> XBee to Arduino UNO Wireless Shield -> Arduino Motor Shield -> electric motor -> mini barrel organ
3.5k 371 0 2
Intercept HTTP/HTTPS traffic with a Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi MITM

Grégory Paul

315 202 2 2
A radio-controlled trashcan for an event against littering on the streets.
Project Owner Contributor


Tim Gremalm

413 228 4 2
This build has been done with the picamera and junk in my garage.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Photobooth


248 239 0 2
Fully automated 6'x4' whiteboard. Give it any image and it renders the edges and sketches them in huge, precise, monochromatic glory.
Project Owner Contributor



969 11 0 2
Extend Time-lapse video to a further time scale.
Project Owner Contributor

Photographic Time Journey


2.3k 510 0 2
Just a PiZero Pocket Computer case, with ability to plug any available Monitor (Component Video, HDMI, LCD) and a keyboard via USB HUB
Project Owner Contributor

Pi ZERO Arduino programming station


1.4k 134 0 2
I was asked to test the Pi-Duino-Teensy board by a PJRC forum member. I'll use it to control RC servos.
243 404 2 2
How to build easily and at low cost a robot based on a raspberry pi
384 30 0 2
An old Game Boy brought back to life with a Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor



588 3 1 2
A PiZero in a mint box that can be used to extend or share a wifi or wired connection.
752 87 0 2
Educational RFID card game for toddler with Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor

RFID based game for kids

Yohanes Nugroho

428 3 0 2
Making an old spa useful again!
Project Owner Contributor

Spa Controller


118 4 0 2
This machine treats your filament right!
Project Owner Contributor

Wheeler Filament Handler


214 87 3 2
A clock that uses Abacus logic to display the current time.
Project Owner Contributor

Abacus Clock

Steven Roch

1.7k 29 2 2
I'm trying to make a multiplayer Raspberry Pi emulation station for the purpose of having a gaming system to take camping
Project Owner Contributor

Portable Pi/Emulation Station

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

244 3 0 2
A telepresence robot with a Pi Zero for the brains
Project Owner Contributor


j0z0r pwn4tr0n

157 86 2 2
RAD v1.0 robot + Raspberry Pi + gadgets = ???
Project Owner Contributor



692 8 0 2
Talking interface controlling a DSLR camera for astronomy photos
130 231 0 2
Stick your Raspberry to (almost) any flat service
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry-Pi 3 Universal Mount

Daniël Spies

172 493 0 1
Had to have a Pi Zero in the van! So for now this one displays visualisations via rca to my screen in the van!
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Zero for the Van

Kevin Osborne

101 1 0 1
Cat Feeder that uses an Amazon Echo and a Raspberry Pi to dispense food
263 1 0 1
Use an analog micro-ammeter as an inexpensive output device for the Pi Zero.
Project Owner Contributor



158 4 0 1
Open Source Hackerspace Access Control and Check in System built with Raspberry Pi. Works with Seltzer CRM
876 554 0 1
Notify the developers with light and sound if automated builds succeeded or failed
Project Owner Contributor

Build Siren


163 114 1 1
Uses realtime info from the NFL's server to display current team scores.
318 1 0 1
A Pi Zero based desktop computer with attached thermal printer.
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434 149 0 1
IOT temperature controlled LED light frame.
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268 2 0 1
A fully electric, GPS controlled, floating dock with many absurd features...
Project Owner Contributor

raftBerry 2.0


985 283 6 1
Raspberry Pi powered K-9 GUV with a NES controller style remote
Project Owner Contributor


Andrew Bills

95 4 0 1
A gesture controlled robot which can change speed and direction using the Myo armband when in tele-operated mode.
Project Owner Contributor


Lemniscate snickets

553 183 0 1
An audio analyzer using teensy 3.2 + audioshield
Project Owner Contributor

Teensy Audio Analyzer

marcell marosvolgyi

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A projects where I connect christmas tree lights to my twitter account and make some minions dance and sing.
267 35 0 1
A media player with skipping songs kept in mind. Actually, that's its main feature.
Project Owner Contributor

The B-button v2.0


553 6 3 1
Urban Farm Automated Robotic Management $1 million per year in less than 500 sq ft of production
Project Owner Contributor

Ufarm Robotix


210 140 0 1
Developing a simple and inexpensive microscope based on the RPi to be used in education and by citizen cientists
1.5k 183 1 1
Opensource Timing system for a Pinewood Derby track
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Dan Radez

714 121 2 1
The first "real" and alive AppleTV
Project Owner Contributor

Apple TV


203 7 2 1
Minecraft server on the go, made from a raspberry pi 2
Project Owner Contributor

portable minecraft server


400 3 0 1
This is my project for building a completely enclosed gaming console as a Christmas present.
Project Owner Contributor

Retro Pi Christmas


792 14 0 1
A sous vide cooker built from a Raspberry Pi with Adafruit LCD and code generated from a state machine.
Project Owner Contributor

Sous Vide cooker and more

Richard Deininger

182 2 0 1
A retroesque cart based console rpi megadrive hack
Project Owner Contributor

MegaPieve RetroEsque RVGSA(ctual)


446 5 0 1
Streaming data wirelessly into puredata using the NRF24L01+
Project Owner Contributor

Embedded Puredata + Wireless

Dan Macnish

215 23 0 1
A 5V DC power supply for use with Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor

Port-a-Pi Power Supply

Jack Steiger

213 154 0 1
In this video we will be looking at how to make a santa detector as well as send push notifications to an IOS enabled device and much more.
175 1 0 1
making a baby monitor, streaming video to local network
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This is the cap version of the Raspberry Eye Project
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Eye Cap


304 103 0 1
Just place your RF-enabled vinyl record on a stand & hear the music!
Project Owner Contributor


Dražen Lučanin

615 28 0 1
Right so the design brief that I am going to build a rig to sit in place and take photographs which will eventually be converted into video.
Project Owner Contributor

Timelapse Camera Gimbal and Pi Rig


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DeviceHive is an open source IoT platform. This is about pushing data from Raspberry Pi to devicehive using Python.
224 0 0 1
Tiny traffic light on a breadboard controllable with a button.
Project Owner Contributor

Traffic Light

Steven Roch

470 712 0 1
open source data logger for the Raspberry PI
Project Owner Contributor

open source data logger RPI


972 442 2 1
Stereo replacement computer system for a 2008 Buick Lucerne CX using a Raspberry Pi Model B.
Project Owner Contributor

Buickberry Car Computer


343 4 0 1
My work van, Home away from home and LAB, on 4 wheels (@22MPG)
Project Owner Contributor

Magic Sprinter


313 1 0 1
My daughter wanted to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick's day so we built a trap using a Raspberry Pi, ST VL6180X ToF sensor and RC Servo.
Project Owner Contributor

Leprechaun Catcher

Arnie Weber

237 1 0 1
A custom motor driver on an Adafruit Perma-proto HAT
Project Owner Contributor

High current RPi Motor Driver


157 103 0 1
PELS is a handheld system that can be carried by citizen scientists to gather environmental data.
617 5 1 0
We are building a wireless sensor network that is monitoring indoor air quality
Project Owner Contributor



258 214 0 0
While cryptocurrency presents some new challenges for consumer protection, the technology also makes available security and safety features
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Calvin S.

465 303 0 0
A wearable PC using a Raspberry Pi and a VHS camcorder viewfinder as the display.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Wearable