The main parts of this project are:

-C2000 family microcontroller (tms320F28379D) (there's a launchpad for this also)

-WS2812 LED strips

-2 RN-42 modules

-300w power supply


The code is available on github. This includes the emulator, the bitmap parser, and the microcontroller code.

In the links the team website can be found with senior design documentation, more pictures, code dumps, and the laser files. Warning: Data usage

The custom board isn't required in a replication, the launchpad can be used.

This is a prototype made for our team's Senior Design project.


For a independent build, the main things would be to eliminate certain ABET requirements.

-custom board

Then find a better way to implement the dividers for the pixels.

The code, the framework itself is useful but there's a number of improvements to be done.

Some build pics:

ws2812 led strips, ordered off ebay

Testing various heights and their effects on the light dispersion

Quick testing of the LEDs + using an internal reflective material vs not

Some early test cuts, and double triple checking led spacing

Thus the start of the painful staining begins

Waiting for round 1 of the stain to soak/set

side slats

All the led strips on the backboard for being inserted into the table. This pic is pre-testing

Main slats post-staining with ducting tape

middle of assembly

almost finished with assembly, interior shot to show the ducting tape

re-wiring all the strips again

cable blob for the power supply

Finished rewiring and trying to collect the cables

one of the first power on tests, with various types of plexi for testing

First early demonstration of the table working

first kludge board, worked mostly, ABET requirement

rev 2 of the board, minor kludges, works good enough

Final team shot, after everything finally settled down.