A Light Sequencing Color Mixer for Microscopy

A project to mix and sequence four colors of LED illumination, in any combination to enhance your low power microscopy.

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This project extends the simple color mixing concept used commercially, to Arduino control of a number of LED’s, switching start time and on time independently within a repeating time frame. The human eye, with its persistence of vision, can be tricked into seeing specimens as lighted quite differently to that of normally mixed colors, and often with improved contrast.
A time window (40 to 200 mSec) is chosen, and individual colors are adjusted for start time and on time within the window, which is repeated continually.
Different and unique visual effects can be had by adjusting combinations of lighting, duration, mixes, sequencing, and positioning of narrow beam LEDs using sets of "Helping Hands".
Two build versions, with comprehensive notes, are included in the accompanying file. One build uses pots to control color start and duration times, the other uses an Universal TV Remote to set the parameters.
Source code and build notes at my website

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