Quantity   Component name
2 × Moteino The heart of the "Moteino Framework". A little SD-card sized breadboard friendly, wireless equipped, atmega328p based development board. Would need at least 2 to make a framework of things. Also a USB version is available and the new MoteinoMEGA for larger more memory intense projects. https://lowpowerlab.com/Moteino
1 × RaspberryPi This is my choice for this framework and was used to develop the central gateway that communicates with the rest of the Moteino Framework and also delivers secure websockets and live updates to internet clients. http://www.adafruit.com/product/998
1 × MotionMote and MailboxNotifier Itself a kit of several components, makes up a truly wireless low power motion sensor. https://lowpowerlab.com/motion
1 × SwitchMote Kit Use a few of these to replace your traditional light switches and sync your lights or control them from the internet. https://lowpowerlab.com/SwitchMote
1 × GarageMote Kit Install one on your garage door, add a Moteino and your garage is on the internet! https://lowpowerlab.com/GarageMote
1 × PowerShield and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor The HC-SR04 needs 5V so I used a PowerShield to provide that from a LiPo battery. This is for the sump pump sensor and a parking assist project that I may also add details later. https://lowpowerlab.com/shop/powershield and https://lowpowerlab.com/shop/HC-SR04
1 × EE-SY310 photoreflective sensor This is for reading the water meter, might also work for analog electric meters. https://lowpowerlab.com/shop/EE-SY310_breakout