Quantity   Component name
1 × micro bubble LED Display (7 Segment/ 4Digit) http://www.electronctl.net/Note/BB_QDSP_DS.pdf
1 × DCF77 receiver modul http://www.reichelt.de/index.html?&ACTION=7&LA=3&OPEN=0&INDEX=0&FILENAME=X200%252FDCF77.pdf Hopfully integratet in the bfinal board
1 × arduino micro for the testing, custom board for final watch
1 × LiPoly Battery (3.7V, 270mAh) capacity will be adjusted on the go (the smaller, the better)
3 × Buttons for invocing functions. number to be adjusted
1 × vibra motor from e cell phone IIRC, final type to be choosen.
1 × piezo speaker just for testing purposes, should be a component of the final board
1 × fancy looking housing or a steampunk look, or 70th stile, or SciFi style. Blender rendering from sisam to come...