EMME "Technology is not complicated"

He is a 3D printed robot and an example of a prototype who represents a new form of sketching, design, and create

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Emme doesn't use wires, screws or connectors and has a different shape, you can put all the pieces together in seconds or you can use only one wheel as a 360º motorized selfies machine, he can follow you and he can go on road, offroad, on water and underwater.

It's not about the robot, it's about think, sketch and build in a different way.

If you accept the challenge of leaving behind the screws, wires and connectors, and design 3D parts very thin (no more than 0.8mm or 1.2mm) you are ready for change, to evolve.

After that, your ideas have not barriers. Normally when a robot is designed, the screws, wires, connectors and solid parts, canalize the final design to a rigid and obsolete format. That STOP and PUT WALLS on the genuine ideas and finally on the results.

This new design path, give you the capacity to keep the original idea and make it a prototype, in just weeks instead several months.


Hi I´m Salvador from Calpe/Alicante/Spain, the creator of Emme, a robot created in a six weeks challenge. The catchword of my robots is "Technology is not complicated", and that's because you can use the things who everybody uses to make a robot in a different and simple way, getting a different and wonderful result.

Emme has a different shape and each part can be used separately, that's because each principal part has its own microprocessor, wifi module, and battery. You can put all the pieces together in seconds or only use the wheel as a 360º motorized selfies machine. Emme can go on road, off-road, water and underwater.

It's about using the same tools to get different and better results.

This new design path accelerates the time from the idea to the prototype, now you only need some weeks instead several months.

I want everybody knows about Emme and that helps to change the way to create robots. 


I was thinking of making a new robot whose parts will work separately, a robot who can go with me everywhere and without wires or connectors, in that way I could put all the pieces together and dismount in seconds.

I spoke with my wife: "Normally I need months o a year to make a new robot: sketching, mechanical parts 3D modeling, 3D printing, hardware, connexion diagrams, prototype, wiring, software, it's too much work" But "I think I can do it in six weeks, really I think I can" My wife told me: "Ok do it, but do it as a six-week Challenge and upload a video on youtube every day, that is going to encourage you to aim you challenge".

That is the video of the presentation of the Challenge:

The Facebook page OF THE CHALLENGE:

In that moment my daughter has one year and a half, every morning I drew sketches with her, one-half of the paper for me and the other half for Belén, in the afternoons and nights I worked on Emme "3D printing, 3D drawing, hardware design and testing software".

Some days at breakfast Belén play spontaneously with the prototypes.

Finally, six weeks after the challenge was achieved and  I present Emme in my Youtube Channel and on a Facebook page, this is the video. ( 144.155 people reached on Facebook ). 

Testing Emme on the Rocks.

Testing Emme on the sea.

Testing Emme at night, I love how Emme glows.

After achieving my personal Challenge I decided to make three more models for Emme: Offroad, Water, and Underwater. Six months after, everything is ready and I launched the Kickstarter campaign the first day of June. 


Emme its a 3d printed robot without cables or connectors, all of its parts can work separately.

You control it with a Prism.

You do not need your phone or anything to control the robot, but you can put your sports cam on Emme and see the images with your cell phone while you control Emme with the Prism.

You can use only one wheel motor to make 360 selfies, one again you do not need anything more than the control prism to play with Emme, take advantage of this and put your phone on Emme to make the 360 ºSelfies:

You can mount it in seconds.

Put all the parts on your backpack and you are ready, change the Emme city accessories to the water accessories in seconds and start again.

You need a cameraman with you, Emme is your cameraman, take with you the GPS bracelet and Emme follow you and record the scene.

He loves the city, goes offroad, navigates on the waves or dives looking for a treasure:

Be creative!

Emme is a printed robot, you can make new parts when you need, or create new accessories.

From a maker to makers will be a Ready to Run Emme and Makers Kits to do it yourself.

There is no similar robot in the market, with Emme you do not need tools to mount it, or connectors, you can play with all of the parts or only with some of them, and when you want to make the activity Emme only need Change his accessories in no more than 30...

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Standard Tesselated Geometry - 45.45 kB - 10/21/2017 at 13:39


Left and Righ Box cover with holes.stl

New cover for the wheel electronics box

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 701.05 kB - 10/21/2017 at 13:05


LICENSE for the firmware

GNU General Public License v3.0 for the firmware files from GitHub: NodoPrisma_1.1.ino and NodoMotor.ino

license for the firmware - 34.32 kB - 07/23/2017 at 20:10


Adobe Portable Document Format - 108.40 kB - 07/23/2017 at 20:06


Interior Prism Shelter for accesories.JPG

JPG file for the accessories shelter, it's a shelter to put it inner the Emme triangles to have your own custom hardware accessories

JPEG Image - 55.21 kB - 07/23/2017 at 08:12


View all 12 files

  • 1 × Left Wheel PLA printed parts
  • 1 × Right Wheel PLA printed parts
  • 3 × Body triangule PLA printed parts
  • 1 × Wheels link PLA printed parts
  • 1 × Off road pads PLA printed parts

View all 19 components

View all 17 project logs

  • 1
    Mechanical part (Actually I´m preparing the mechanical assembly manual)

    All of the printed parts are prepare to "click".

    The wheels and the body triangles have neodymium magnets.

  • 2
    Firmware part (Actually I´m preparing the firmware manual)

    Download the firmware from files or from Github

    Flash using the Arduino IDE or Atmel Studio

  • 3
    Electronic part (Actually I´m preparing the electronic drawings)

    Read the comments at the Firmware to know the pin connexion of the electronic parts

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Salvador Hurtado Alia wrote 07/22/2017 at 20:22 point

Hi Radomir, here you have the first six weeks of the design of the robot, perhaps the videos, photos and the sketches can introduce you a more information about the path of my design, I start the project as a personal challenge and publish everyday information on a Facebook page:

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deʃhipu wrote 07/23/2017 at 09:09 point

Thank you!

  Are you sure? yes | no

Salvador Hurtado Alia wrote 07/22/2017 at 20:17 point

Yes, I´m preparing all of the stuff, thanks for your comment

  Are you sure? yes | no

deʃhipu wrote 07/22/2017 at 20:07 point

Perhaps you could put some more descriptions of this fabled "new form" of design, and not just marketing crap in here?

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