Quantity   Component name
1 × Playdough Used in the meanwhile to adhere the mirror to the mirror casing.
1 × Webcam - HD is overkill and not needed... No need for HD - it's overkill on the beagle when all I really need is as close to square images as possible(ish). 320x240 with some no-name camera that I ripped apart years ago will suffice.
1 × Cone mirror I bought a cheap solar stick light that has a "semi-conical" mirror and I've started to remove it from the casing
1 × beagle bone black Linux, OpenCV
1 × Bluetooth circuit that I got from Sparkfun Communications with my tablet
1 × Battery pack (need to purchase)
1 × Magnets and felt bottom surface Essentially to hold the unit to the car in a nice secure fashion and fly off of the car and into the car behind me.... :)
1 × Plastic casing. Going with PVC pipe material - I love it - easy to work with and I've had experience with it in the past.
1 × Mirror casing - procured!!!! I bought a cheap plastic container (ditched lid and contents)