HICTOP 3DP-11 3D printer firmware source code

Marlin firmware and configuration for HICTOP 3DP-11 printer

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Bought this as a kit on Amazon. Took me a couple days to get it together, but it works great. However, the manufacturer hasn't made source code available as required by GPL, so I forked Marlin on github and modified the configuration.

Marlin firmware and configuration for HICTOP 3DP-11 printer:  download from files

Big thanks to Chip Luck for doing most of the work:

Tested using Arduino IDE 1.8.1, Printrun-Mac-03Feb2015, Cura 15.04.6, and Repetier-Host 1.0.2 on a mac.

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  • Moving On

    dar.ryl09/06/2019 at 04:52 0 comments

    Well, since I never got around to doing the 24V bed upgrade, and since I really wanted to get a bigger/better machine,  I donated the Hictop to my local maker space, replacing an ancient wobbly reprap mendel.  One of the members there, Forrest, who is awesome with 3d printers, tweaked the PSU and firmware so that the bed heats up quicker. 

  • Upgrades planned - 24V bed heater and more

    dar.ryl12/22/2018 at 01:37 0 comments

    Update:  Discovered that the bed doesn't stay within the required temperature if ambient is low or there's even a slight breeze.   I'm going to upgrade the bed heater to use 24V. This involves adding a 24V PSU,  a MOSFET, and rerouting some of the associated wiring.  Also, on the advice of my 3D printer hacker friend Jason, I am upgrading to heavier bed springs and Z axis bearings.  

    So that's the plan, but don't have a schedule yet, sorry. Like everybody, I have too many other things going on that compete for time. Follow if you're interested!

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cihan taktak wrote 04/02/2019 at 11:54 point

Display not working any ideas? Just squares. 

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dar.ryl wrote 09/06/2019 at 03:54 point

Sorry for the months-late response.  Never got any notification, or if I did, I must have ignored it. 

Check to make sure the ribbon cables are not swapped. 

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aaron.bouquet2 wrote 04/07/2018 at 05:36 point

I have been scouring the net looking for just this. Please, tell me, what version of Arduino should I be using to get this to compile. I downloaded your file from github and could not get it to compile on 1.0.6

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