MFRC522 RFID on ESP8266 featuring WebSocket, JSON, NTP Client, Javascript , SPIFFS

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Access Control demonstration using a cheap MFRC522 RFID Hardware and Espressif's ESP8266 Microcontroller.


  • Using WebSocket protocol to exchange data between Hardware and Web Browser
  • Data is encoded as JSON object
  • Records are Timestamped (Time synced from a NTP Server) (tested but not implemented yet)
  • Bootstrap for beautiful Web Pages for both Mobile and Desktop Screens
  • Thanks to ESPAsyncWebServer Library communication is Asyncronous

  • 1 × ESP8266 Wemos D1 Mini or ESP-12
  • 1 × MFRC522 RFID Reader ISO 14443A

  • Brand New Update

    omersiar09/26/2018 at 10:30 0 comments

    Ping !

    We had a great year for esp-rfid since this HackADay project page created, there is now an open-source hardware to solve almost every access control problem out there also the Web UI is completely refactored for touch screens and better User Experience, you do not need to be a tech savvy to configure it.

    Since day 1 the esp-rfid is a complete stand-alone access control solution, no need additional devices or services to work, even an Internet connection is not mandatory.

    Give it a try and tell what you think about it.

    Kind regards. ÖŞB

  • How many RFID Tag can be handled?

    omersiar07/31/2017 at 20:13 0 comments

    Write some user data on File System worth:

    • 100 seperate "userfile"
    • random 4 Bytes long UID and
    • "Test Name Test Surname Label" as User Name and
    • each have access status integer "1" or "0".

    Total 4,284 Bytes

    At least 100 unique User (RFID Tag) can be handled, the test were performed on WeMos D1 mini.

  • Change Log

    omersiar07/31/2017 at 20:09 0 comments

    [0.1a] - 2017-07-14

    - Now you can select Wi-Fi mode.

    - Some fixes (features) were not included in previous release
    - NTPClient wastes CPU time when device is in AP mode. (probably tries to force update time)

    [0.1] - 2017-07-12 - :hurray: We hit the 0.1!

    - Relay Module configuration in Settings Page (You need to make sure how the relay module reacts when device is restarting or on power-on, make changes accordingly). I may try to make it more universal, but for now it's up to you.
    - Relay Test Button
    - Ability to Add known PICC to User List (useful to add new PICC to device when device is already deployed)

    - Maintaining RST pin for MFRC522 hardware is removed. MFRC522 library now supports for soft-reset, we do not need hardware reset anymore this frees a GPIO from MCU. (suggested by @farthinder #6

    [0.1rc2] - 2017-07-10 - Release Candidate

    - User List table now automaticly sorted by Name
    - Click on an any element on User List to edit via Add / Update User
    - User List actions are instantly happens on the ESP hardware.
    - Javascript functions (As suggested from JSHint and Codacy)
    - Run a test where 100 seperate User can be handled (see

    [0.1rc1] - 2017-07-05 - Release Candidate

    - Simple Firmware Update from settings page
    - SPIFFS Update from settings page
    - Now you can define a user name (or any label) for each PICC
    - Now each PICC can be individually configured for access (before this, every known PICC had an access)
    - Logging In Authorization is now done via Async XMR Request. Browsers does not complain about it being synchronous anymore. (Tested with Chrome and Firefox)
    - Inform web user while pages are loading
    - Configuration rutine
    - Seperate settings page and Users specific page
    - Appending ChipID to hostmane

    [0.0.3] - 2017-06-22

    - RFID Hardware Pin and Gain settings via Web
    - New WebSocket commands and better command scheme
    - can not fallback to AP Mode if configuration file is missing/corrupt
    - Seperate Javascript file
    - Refactor settings page
    - Refactor Fall Back to AP Mode behaviour
    - Rafactor configuration file structure
    - Web page files now have support for mobile devices and as well as PCs
    - Jumbotron CSS

    [0.0.2] - 2017-06-10

    - 'Settings' Menu - (and some snippets)
    - Wi-Fi Client Settings can now be configured via Web
    - STA - AP Mode behaviour is improved
    - Minor changes

    [0.0.1] - 2017-05-10

    - Initial public upload
    - Code is now heavily commented

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