Project Goldie

I never thought I could love a fish.

But I do. Goldie Fishwater is a survivor – she’s so strong. Truly, she is an inspiration to me… to us

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I went on a trip recently, and found myself worrying about Goldie’s well being more often than I ever imagined I would. I had a friend stop by my place to check on her. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t know what to look for, and my automatic fish feeder broke during my trip!
The tank was action packed with food. To no surprise, Goldie ended up getting over fed. In fact, she doubled in size! I returned to another traumatic, near death event for Goldie. I hopped to save her. While changing the filters and tank water twice, I thought I could not let this happen again. I want to see Goldie in real time, and feed her myself. There is no love in an automatic fish feeder.

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