Coin cell battery emulator CR2016/CR2032

Disappointed purchasing new batteries for development?
Do you need measure current and consumption of your device?

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This simple hack save planet :D or maybe your wallet ....

- It is just small round piece of board
- micro USB for delivery power
- 3V regulator
- alligator clip holes for your multimeter to measure curent
- single board with micro usb is CR2016 =1.6mm + adapter is CR2032 = 3.2mm ... EASY ?????I

understand is not like real CR2032 but I believe that help with development battery operated devices.

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bobricius wrote 06/19/2018 at 19:54 point

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K.C. Lee wrote 06/19/2018 at 20:09 point

You'll need to think beyond Joule thief as it isn't practical for that kind of wattage nor that voltage.

I am working on my project, but don't think it would deliver 4W.  I am guessing 0.5W (or may be a bit higher) might be a realistic number.  I don't have the answer until I try.  0.5V is not an easy voltage to work with as most common parts do not work on that natively.

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bobricius wrote 06/19/2018 at 19:55 point

It is ML2032

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C. Dodd wrote 09/19/2017 at 03:23 point

I agree with Marian (above).  Resistance of coin cells is something integral to several circuits.

Also, the Tindie price is quite high for such a simple board.

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oshpark wrote 09/18/2017 at 18:52 point

Great idea!

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deʃhipu wrote 09/13/2017 at 12:45 point

I think you just invented a pretty interesting connector in there...

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bobricius wrote 09/13/2017 at 12:49 point

lollipop :D

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Marian Keller wrote 08/22/2017 at 09:08 point

Now make the output voltage adjustable and add an adjustable series resistance, and this would be really helpful in development.

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