Multi-Mode Tactile Display

A tactile display with multiple modes.
Designed with Braille in mind.

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A display with multiple modes. Whatever flavor you like; 6-bit, 8-bit, Freeflow(graphic), or any other you'd like to add. This is a demonstration unit, with all parts able to be hand soldered(I hope). Hopefully it can be lower cost then other options currently available(we'll see how that plays out).

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This project addresses the need for a low cost(I hope) tactile display. Why? Because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! And who wants to live in a world where you can't enjoy "Not a hack" or trolls one upping each other?

 Will this project solve the problem of outrageously costing tactile displays? Only one way to find out and that's to build it. So sit back, follow along, build one with me, or show me up, and we'll find out together.

Will this project be world changing? While we all like to think everything we do will, Probably not, but it could change a few someones worlds.

  • To Do List

    daca178808/26/2017 at 20:18 0 comments

    So we're gonna do Layers 1 and 8 (PCB)  today or tomorrow.

    Then we'll do  Layers 2, 3, and 4 tomorrow or the next day.

    And Layer 6 after all of that.

    Layer 5 is merely a folded metal sheet not unlike a traditional display case/shield

    Layer 9 is unimportant for unfinished unit

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