Oscilloscope Curve Tracer

Component tester to utilise the X-Y input of any oscilloscope with at least 10MHz bandwidth. Selectable frequency, current and amplitudes.

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This project will maximise the proficiency of a Wien bridge, to create the oscillator.

This will create the sine wave input for the component tester, a low output impedance op amp which will have several selectable current modes.

Curve tracers are very commonly utilised in repair centres for quickly comparing VI characteristics between boards. The sampling rate is and will always be faster than any MultiMeter in the market.

The Curve tracer can show a dead-short within a 10-20 milliseconds compared to a top of the range Fluke which will take 10 times longer.

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Aqib Idrees wrote 08/20/2014 at 22:25 point
Max voltage of 60v that's pk to pk.

5 preset current limits, I assume 150mA is more than enough to tackle any component (or damage them for that matter)

I hadn't considered the gate (third) terminal to be honest, great idea. That could possibly be something which I may consider to implement in the near future.

Thanks for your interest it's much appreciated, and please tell me what you think of these parameters.

I assume you are familiar with the Huntron Curve Tracers, mine iteration will have support for 2 channels via a rudimentary relay (as this feature isn't essential but will be available)

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Ted wrote 08/20/2014 at 17:40 point
What output voltage peak positive and negative do you anticipate? How much current?
Are you providing support for three terminal devices?

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