Arduino Based 2-Button(and Accerometer) Pocket Gaming System

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The goal is to create a simple gaming platform, something you can carry on a keychain or in your pocket. Plays simple low resolution games capable of being shown on a tiny OLED display. Anyone will be able to develop and share their own games. If possible at some point, add a way to drag and drop .DUO files to an Arduino bootloader of some sort, so multiple games can be stored on the device. Part of the fun and the challenge is utilizing only the two buttons and the accelerometer to create the games. Being partially limited could inspire some creativity.
There will be two versions, the DUO MX, and the DUO Nano. The DUO MX will have cherry MX keys, for those who love mechanical keyboards, but it will be slightly bigger. The DUO Nano will have regular tactile switches, making it much smaller. It can also be useful for people who fidget and like having things to click.
It would be great to develop a community of people creating games for the device.
Who wants an early dev. version?

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