Here is a presentation of the microscope we designed in three days at the makerlab of the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires!

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Hello everyone!
We are so happy to share our DIY Lucioscope! :D
As you may know, we had three days to build a microscope and this is what we came up with.

In addition to magnifying samples up to 2X, our microscope can also be used to see fluorescent samples.

Step 1 : Laser cut the upper plate in plexiglass
It will be used to put a phone (to take pictures), to put our filters (for the fluorescence observation) and to stabilize our lens.
Step 2: Laser cut the second layer in plexiglass
It’s placed 7 mm away from the first (7mm is the focal distance of the lens used in this project). It will be used to fix the slide with the microorganism that we wish to observe.
Step 3: Laser cut the final layer in wood
It is placed 5cm away from the second layer to allow the insertion of the LED. It will be used as a support system to the whole microscope

Have a look at the poster to get an overview of our project !

So we hope you enjoyed our story! Please give feebacks! ;)

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