A simple 3D printed Arduino robot to introduce kids to STEM topics.

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The LittleBot robotics kit was created to be a simple introduction to robotics. It shows all the necessary components of robotics, sensing, decision-making, and articulation all in a nice, easy to assemble package.

The LittleBot is fully 3D printed, which allows it to be assembled with only 3 screws (7 if you are being over-zealous). It is also controlled by and Arduino Nano, to take advantage of the global community around that.

The LittleBot has several modes normally, including wander, remote-control (with android app), line follow, and wall follow. Code for all of these are available on the downloads page of the LittleBots website.

LittleBot was fully funded on Kickstarter in the middle of 2017 and recently completed deliveries. The kits are now available on the LittleBots website.

All of the 3D printing files for the LittleBot are available on thingiverse. The Arduino Code is on the LittleBots download page.

Here are the basic demos for the Littlebot Arduino Robots Kit

Here is a video for the basic assembly of the Littlebot and use of the Android App for the Littlebot.

The Littlebot has four modes that have been created. There is the Remote Control Mode (though bluetooth), the Wander Mode (using just the ultrasonic sensor), Wall Following (Using the IR proximity Sensor), and Line Following (with IR line sensors)

The files for all of the parts can be downloaded from the LittleBots website or from Thingiverse.

LittleBot Wall Following Robot KitLittleBot with Wall Following IR SensorLittleBot Line Following Robot KitLittleBot with line sensors

  • 2 × Plastic Continuous Rotation Servos
  • 1 × Meped/LittleArm PCB
  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × HC-06 Bluetooth Module
  • 1 × Ultrasonic Sensor

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    Fully Assembly Video

    This video outlines all of the major Steps for assembling the LittleBot Basic Kit

    This is the basic wiring diagram for connecting every component possible. Note that the IR wall following sensor and Line following sensor cannot be connect at the same time because of power and mounting constraints.

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